23 November 2017

Food Review | The Fox Bar and Bistro Afternoon Tea

Did someone say 'Afternoon Tea'?

The mention of little scones (said the posh way), cakes, teas, great company and a wonderful atmosphere is all I need to head on down to a bar & bistro for a munch. I love to explore and find whats occurring in and around the North and when I found this on my feed posted by Sinead @daintydollymix I knew I had to try it for myself. Well done by the way on your superb SlimmingWorld journey!!

The Fox Bar and Bistro can be found in a little village called Ripponden half way between Leeds and Manchester off the M62 (Jct22). It has actually been opened for 7 years with some history or previously being a Chinese restaurant and before that a Police Station. I was reassured there were no prisoners left in the jail cell...

Anyway back to the reason why I was there. In this casual cosy rustic pub and bistro, the afternoon tea for two came out on mini but not SOO mini picnic wooden bench. Presentation was excellent and it was all explained what was what etc. I had the pescatarian option which included:
Mini Fish and Chips
Veggie Hot Dog
Homemade cheese & onion pastry
Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Sticky ginger Parkin Cake and treacle toffee wedge
Toffee Apple crumble
Pecan and raisin Flapjack
Mini GingerBread Man
Mini Satsuma
Mascarpone and Garlic Button Mushrooms
Mini bottle of Appletiser
+ Tea or Coffee

I enjoyed all the little bits that made up a lovely afternoon tea which did incorporate some British favourites. The veggie sausage was tasty and the ginger parkin was yummy. Not too fond of the apple crumble as it was mainly un-crumbly pastry but the scone made up for it. You do get a lot for the price £19.95pp.
They change their menu every so often which I'm guessing maintains their worthiness. For December they have a festive option which includes turkey, mince pies and other festive treats.
They are very booked until the new year so if you want to make a booking, it is better sooner than later! Oh, they also have a one off new years option too.
Other than the highly raved afternoon teas, they serve a variety of other warm/old dishes. The pasta options looked pretty great!

I would definitely recommend if you are in the area! Did I mention they have a fireplace for those frosty evenings... lush!

The Fox Bar & Bistro
46-50 Oldham Road
Sowerby Bridge

Here I reviewed afternoon tea at the Manchester Radisson Blu hotel.
Here I review afternoon tea at Ox Pasture Scarborough.

Know of any other places that do amazing afternoon teas?

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20 November 2017

OOTD | D2C Unisex Sportswear

D2C is an up and coming sports brand, founded by a good friend of mine, which produces top quality sportswear. I have the pleasure of sharing with you all the collection I have and love which is the 'FusionX' bottoms and 'LUX' hoodie. This set has received so many compliments inside the gym and outside of the gym because... who doesn't wear their gym clothes to run errands.

The reason why I can say this kit is good quality is because I have given it a good trial period so I can give my honest opinion.

D2C stands for 'Dominate to Conquer' with a positive outlook to promote high fashion which is comfy but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This brand can suite both menswear and womenswear as the colours are versatile. The colour of this piece I am wearing is a true beige colour. The tone makes it easy to pair with many colours, including my super bright nikes trainers! The black embroidery is solid which shows you it is made of high quality. My favourite feature are the hand zip details and the cut out for your thumbs. It just feels so snug!

I bought these with a little extra room and good thing I did as the bottoms are generously tapered. The jacket is something I would wear over my gym tops and remove for a workout especially if doing a HIIT session. There are size guides provided but if you are ever unsure, the sales team are very helpful and quick when it comes to delivery.

At the moment D2Cofficial.com have 25% sale until 01/12/17 so grab some great bargains!

Get 10% off at checkout using the code "d2cbymintyessence"
(cannot be used with any other offers).
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19 November 2017

My Hair | Au Natural

I am forever changing my hair style but up until more recently, I have changed it even more experimenting with different wigs that I fancied. However when wearing different wigs, I would then like to sport a natural slicked back bun or even add a ponytail piece for an extension. This would be something I was not as open to share back in the day but now... I don't care!
My blog is to share my likes and share my thoughts so I will do just that.

What does your hair look like Joanna? No your real hair? How long is it? Is that extension real or fake? Those purple braids, are they really yours? Can I touch your hair? Which bit of that is your real hair?

I have had all those questions and sometimes all at once but now I'll just give them a link to this post so the curious can see. Don't get me wrong, it is easy to distinguish who genuinely wants to learn about the world of Afro-Caribbean hair and hairstyles that I try. If that is the case, I say it as it is. If not, you would find me reluctant to say anything but... "what do you think"... "well then".

My natural hair is 4b texture with a fluffy cottony texture. Susceptible to dryness and breakage so best in protective styling. I'm not going to lie but personally I find it high maintenance. It hates humidity and likes to be tamed 24/7. When in braids it is very low maintenance. You can wake up and in seconds, your hair is done! Love it. However, when in braids I would want to sport natural and vice versa. I am just an undecided soul.

My hair in this picture was washed and blowdried on a low/medium heat not yet straightened. I have tried to stay away from chemically straightening my hair for approximately 1-2 years which makes me feel better knowing no harsh chemicals are being used but my hair is still pretty weak. This is mainly at the edges which is expected due to the relaxer treatment over the years.

Above are some pictures of my hair straightened with a hair straighteners and styled. Excuse the middle peace sign gangster/high school pose. hahah

My family would say this is the real Mintyessence when I'm in my onesie at home, natural hair out and yes... this is me which I haven't shown on the blog until now. I just prefer to experiment with lots of protective styling.

I think I am going to do more hair posts of how I style my hair so look out for those!

Are you forever changing your hair?

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16 November 2017

Lush Spa Leeds | Karma Treatment

As always it is a lovely experience entering the world of Lush. Especially when having the whole store just for bloggers to kick start my Christmas shopping. I will show you in an up coming haul what I picked up!
Drinks on arrival and live music playing, I was welcomed to Lush Leeds Spa once again to learn more about the treatments they have to offer and on this particular occasion, I will be sharing with you what the Karma Treatment entails. 

This 65min relaxation period is inspired by the traditional Hindu system of medicine Ayurveda. It bases itself on the idea of self balancing, calm breathing and herbal treatments. With Lush's tailored soundtrack specific for this treatment playing in the background, two therapists work on the client at the same time after a 20 minute consultation is done. The aim of this treatment is to take you to the sweltering city heat of Kolkata, the depths of the Rajasthani dessert, ancient Darjeeling mountains and Kerala jungles.
It was amazing to observe just how in sync the therapists were to give a sense of a complete full body massage.

The products used are only for the spa's use however other forms of the Karma range can be bought. They hold a citrus, patchouli and pine fragrance.
The traditional treatment includes warm oil being poured from a 'Shirodhara' vessel on top of the clients head into their hair. Lush chooses coconut oil which is to enhance the meditative state. Sounds very soothing but heads up for extremely oily hair. Be cautious if you're wearing a wig/weave too haha. There are shower facilities after if you so wish to use them.

  The results after the use of these hot oils on the skin should be total relaxation,  positive vibes, calm body and mind along with 100% pampered mode.

Karma Treatment | £225

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