Lush Spa Leeds | Karma Treatment

As always it is a lovely experience entering the world of Lush. Especially when having the whole store just for bloggers to kick start my Christmas shopping. I will show you in an up coming haul what I picked up!
Drinks on arrival and live music playing, I was welcomed to Lush Leeds Spa once again to learn more about the treatments they have to offer and on this particular occasion, I will be sharing with you what the Karma Treatment entails.

This 65min relaxation period is inspired by the traditional Hindu system of medicine Ayurveda. It bases itself on the idea of self balancing, calm breathing and herbal treatments. With Lush’s tailored soundtrack specific for this treatment playing in the background, two therapists work on the client at the same time after a 20 minute consultation is done. The aim of this treatment is to take you to the sweltering city heat of Kolkata, the depths of the Rajasthani dessert, ancient Darjeeling mountains and Kerala jungles.
It was amazing to observe just how in sync the therapists were to give a sense of a complete full body massage.

The products used are only for the spa’s use however other forms of the Karma range can be bought. They hold a citrus, patchouli and pine fragrance.
The traditional treatment includes warm oil being poured from a ‘Shirodhara’ vessel on top of the clients head into their hair. Lush chooses coconut oil which is to enhance the meditative state. Sounds very soothing but heads up for extremely oily hair. Be cautious if you’re wearing a wig/weave too haha. There are shower facilities after if you so wish to use them.

The results after the use of these hot oils on the skin should be total relaxation,  positive vibes, calm body and mind along with 100% pampered mode.

Karma Treatment | £225

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