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I am forever changing my hair style but up until more recently, I have changed it even more experimenting with different wigs that I fancied. However when wearing different wigs, I would then like to sport a natural slicked back bun or even add a ponytail piece for an extension. This would be something I was not as open to share back in the day but now… I don’t care!
My blog is to share my likes and share my thoughts so I will do just that.

What does your hair look like Joanna? No your real hair? How long is it? Is that extension real or fake? Those purple braids, are they really yours? Can I touch your hair? Which bit of that is your real hair?

I have had all those questions and sometimes all at once but now I’ll just give them a link to this post so the curious can see. Don’t get me wrong, it is easy to distinguish who genuinely wants to learn about the world of Afro-Caribbean hair and hairstyles that I try. If that is the case, I say it as it is. If not, you would find me reluctant to say anything but… “what do you think”… “well then”.

My natural hair is 4b texture with a fluffy cottony texture. Susceptible to dryness and breakage so best in protective styling. I’m not going to lie but personally I find it high maintenance. It hates humidity and likes to be tamed 24/7. When in braids it is very low maintenance. You can wake up and in seconds, your hair is done! Love it. However, when in braids I would want to sport natural and vice versa. I am just an undecided soul.

My hair in this picture was washed and blowdried on a low/medium heat not yet straightened. I have tried to stay away from chemically straightening my hair for approximately 1-2 years which makes me feel better knowing no harsh chemicals are being used but my hair is still pretty weak. This is mainly at the edges which is expected due to the relaxer treatment over the years.

Above are some pictures of my hair straightened with a hair straighteners and styled. Excuse the middle peace sign gangster/high school pose. hahah

My family would say this is the real Mintyessence when I’m in my onesie at home, natural hair out and yes… this is me which I haven’t shown on the blog until now. I just prefer to experiment with lots of protective styling.

I think I am going to do more hair posts of how I style my hair so look out for those!

Are you forever changing your hair?

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