31 January 2013

OOTD- Wedge Booties

Cardigan: Primark
Top: New Look
Leggings: River Island
Boots: Barratts*
Headband: Topshop

Hello my dears!
Today I got these boots delivered and straight away took some snaps because I love them and wanted to share with you guys the amazingness. 

As part of the goody bag at the Leeds Bloggers Meet, we were offered a voucher for some shoes off the Barratts website. I loved these shoes straight away and had my eyes on no other but these Ravel Leather Brogue Effect Wedges. I absolutely love my wedges because I find them easier to walk in than normal heeled shoes, the colour is perfect and the fit is very comfortable. Saying this, it is quite high so would probably not be as friendly to the feet after hours and hours of wear.

I bought this top yesterday and love that it looks like a knitted thick piece but it is ever so light. I was thinking that the weather, fingers crossed, will only get warmer so it would be perfect to wear. Guess what size it is?? Five sizes up, so size 24. I love the over sized look no matter what the season, so I was very happy with this purchase. I would encourage everyone not to be discouraged by larger sizes because you will be surprised how nice some items look on you. I particularly love how it dips low at the back to cover your bum and can be tucked in at the front :)

These really comfy leggings were purchased a couple months ago in the sales for £7! I love to wear leggings soo much, I have a massive collection as they are so easy to throw on. This one is different to my others as it has that 'riding pants' look which I quite like. I need some stirrups, a riding hat a horse, then I'm off :)

What is your favourite recent purchase?

Thanks for reading!

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30 January 2013

Event | Leeds Bloggers Event

When I heard that a meet up was happening locally, I just knew it would be a great opportunity to meet some close-by bloggers. The location was the Fab Cafe in Leeds which I have never thought actually existed until now. It was organised by the lovely Kieron and Kelly and turned out just fab!!

Claire, Angelica, Kieron, Nicola and Me :)

The setting was quite chilled out, with wrestling going on in the background, but us beauty bloggers could not stop chatting about new beauty finds etc. One of the hot topics we discussed was the Rimmel apocolips and which shades we loved the most. If you want to see the post I did on my three purchases click here. We yapped about all sorts but it was great finding out about what we all did aside from blogging.

Nicola, Me and Kelly :)
We were given a goody bag with lots of little treats inside which is always a bonus! Reviews to come soon :D

It was great to see a familiar face, Nicola as we used to go to the same school and just so happened to have been reunited through blogging. It was amazing seeing Angelica as I had been reading her blog for a long time. A lovely girl that was actually in the same room as me at  the #bbloggersxmas event, funny that!  It was awesome to officially see Danielle as we always tweeted each other and meeting Claire was cool to talk to. The bubbly friendly Kelly was great to chat with too and someone I had met previously at the Benefit launch. Of course Kieron was the planner behind this little meet so do check out his blog.

Thanks again for an enjoyable evening :)

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26 January 2013

Benefit | Fine One One

Today saw the launch of the super multitasking cream blush and lip tint Benefit Fine One One! I was lucky enough to experience a preview of the product in more detail at Leeds Debenhams Benefit counter, so here is the product itself:

It is made up of three shades. The palest is a pink champagne acting as a highlighter, the middle is sheer watermelon with an orange tint to it acting as the blush and the bottom soft coral colour to contour. All together it aims to give a natural coral pink flush to the cheeks.

On the cheeks you have to blend out the colours once you apply the blush. The blush can either be applied from the cheek to temple in one swipe or a swirly circle and then zig zag on the cheek for more of a defined look. Obviously this cream blush is great for fair/medium tones adding a corally pink to the cheek but definitely works well for dark tones which I experienced today. For a dramatic pink blush, this is not the product, but for a subtle colour and highlight of the cheek, this is indeed great for that. So I would not discourage a woman of colour to use this at all as the product is build-able with multiple swipes. This is something I would particularly wear on a day to day basis on placement as it is very natural not to mention easy to apply when on the go.

And yes this is great on the lips with the light peach colour acting as a highlighter on the inner lip. I personally love the packaging as it is small and compact enough to easily keep in your travel bag. Doesn't it look edible too? mmm :)

I also got to try on a gorgeous lipstick called 'do tell' a light purple shade which looks so nice, giving a full coverage. So my wishlist extends :)

Lovely cakes and treats provided :)

Do you think you will be purchasing this?

Thanks for reading!!

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23 January 2013

Review: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

Today saw the launch of the Rimmel London Apocalips which has been one of the most talked about launch of 2013 makeup wise. Rimmel is well known for their drugstore priced products consistently maintaining very high quality beauty treats.

I popped into Boots after Uni and found myself swatching all the eight colours the range has to offer. My hand was covered so much, that when I went to the till the lady was nice to quickly hand me some wipes! I thought this was hilarious and ironic after chatting on twitter about #bbloggersproblems :) Me and the sales assistant then got talking about how nice the product looked etc.

 The shades I bought were with the 3 for 2 offer they currently have. Of course there is the option of buying them at £5.99 each. These are the shades I popped into my shopping basket:

 301 Galaxy
500 Luna
102 Nova


I found that the packaging is super nice replicating the edges of a diamond jewel. They applied well on the lips but I found Luna was a little streaky but with a little blending in or blotting once, it is fine. The finish is not glossy but leaves a sheen that is very long lasting as it acts as a lip stain. The texture is creamy and slightly moisturising. You can access a good lip product by it's pigmentation... and yep it certainly ticks those boxes!

I am impressed with the colour range and found the red one was so pretty I can see this selling out, however I'm not sure if it would suit me very well. You are bound to see a shade you love and I know there is at least one to suite every skin tone. 

Growing up, I have been told that purple suits me and I find it goes well with my complexion, so it comes at no surprise that my favourite has to be Galaxy! I do love my pinks, but if you are looking for a lovely purple shade, this is the one.

For those of you on a spending band I really admire what you are doing so I don't want to tempt you too much, but how about using your boots points for one? 

What is your favourite shade?

Thanks for reading!!

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21 January 2013

Benefit | Makeover Experience

On Sunday, my mum had booked a makeup make over at Benefit as a Christmas present. So thoughtful and very exciting. However it was a tricky one as she knows I don't like my face being touched and it would be my first ever make over done by someone else. The gamble paid off in the end and it was a great experience. Here's what happened:

I was introduced to the lovely Bene-babe Sarah, who firstly asked me what type of skin I have and what colours I usually go for or what I was looking to get. I basically wanted to do something different to my usual so opted for a slight smokey eye. I say slight because it really did not turn out very smokey.

First the 'Triple Performing Facial Emulsion' was used on the skin which was good because it is oil free and contains spf15. Especially with all the snow, it is very important to not forget to wear products with spf no matter what your skin tone is.The application was very smooth and it had a lovely smell to it. Not to mention the bottle is so cute looking and reminds me of old fashion medicinal bottles... or is that just me?

Next was the POREfessional which is undoubtedly one of the best primers I have ever come across. I first tried it out after getting a sample in a magazine, and then at Christmas. I love it so much as it instantaneously hides any major pores you have. If you are looking for a more long term solution to minimising pores with help from the Benefit range, I was advised that the 'Refine Finish Facial' exfoliator can deal with this.

I didn't think much about the foundation that was to be used, but after seeing the final product, it really was like no other. I mean the coverage was great but I like the tone which veered towards being slightly orange. I know this is not always a good look on everyone but I find every foundation has a different tone, whether it is red, yellow or in this case orange. The 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' is oil-free, contains spf25 which is very good and gives medium coverage. To build to full coverage, the 'Hello Flawless' pressed powder was used lightly over the whole face. The shade of foundation which was used on me was Nutmeg.

The blush used was 'Bella Bamba' which was fairly light on the face but acted as a highlighter on the upper cheek bone area. The shade was quite girly and a pink rose sort of colour.

For my eyes, the 'smokin eyes' top eye shadows were used. At first I thought the middle greyish colour was too bright/ light on my eye so after muting it a little it was just right. The 'magic ink' eyeliner was applied with a thin line and a little flick. Not as fast drying as my L'oreal superliner but a nice finish. I was excited to try the brow zings kit in dark because I have been looking for an alternative to my eyebrow cake. Sarah used the fancy Benefit way to apply it which I thought was very cool and the result was one of my favourite parts of the whole look! I then got to try the 'they're real' mascara which looked and felt amazing on. I now see what the whole hype was about!

For my lips, I had 'Silky Finish Lipstick' in Breathless which is a berry pinky shade. The texture is super silky, which I like and actually lasted for a long time. I find purple shade suit me and I need to get some more shades like this. This was my second favourite part of the whole look.

Overall it was a brilliant experience which left me feeling happy for the rest of the day. Thanks Sarah for going the make-over and thanks to my mum for the Christmas present :)
I would definitely recommend you book yourself in for one, especially if you are planning on going out later but remember, it always helps for you to visualise what look you want in the end as it helps the process to go smoothly.

Before I left, I knew I wanted to stock up on the full size of the POREfessional primer, but they had a deal on and I bought the POREfessional along with the triple performing facial cream 'it's about prime'. This came up to £23.50 which works out so much better! I also got a little cosmetic bag with the purchase and a miniature sample of the facial emulsion cream.

This weekend the new Benefit 'Fine One One' cream blush will be launching and readily available in the shops as of 26th Jan 2013! If you want to find out more... keep your eye out for a post next week :) 

Thanks for reading!
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20 January 2013

Review: Shine Like a Diamond

Hello lovelies!

This post is about the cute little accessories we add to our wrists sometimes... Bracelets!
If you know me, you will know I am not a massive jewelry wearer but when I do add that bit of bling on occasions, I like them to be special and extra pretty. 
Also if you know me, I use the word 'cute' to describe a lot of things, even if they aren't that cute looking... awkward haha!
When I came across the website Cutey, the selection of bracelets were very eye catching and super pretty. Two of the many bracelets they have to offer on their website are the Shambala bracelets and the Charm bracelets. My favourite definitely has to be the Shambala ones.

EROS - £12.99*
This is symbolic of Love and so includes pinks, greens, hearts and kisses. I don't know what green has to do with love but the pastel colours blend together well.

This is a carnival themed bracelet for those who love merrymaking. Representing carousels and festivals, this bracelet is fun, sparkly and quite unique. The nine beads each contain encrusted in 84 crystals which just shows how much detail are in these pretty jems. The straps adjustable and so can definitely fit different wrist sizes. I love, love LOVE this one!!

The bracelets are weighty and feel expensive and come in two different sizes for the charm bracelets: 18cm and 20cm. There are many different colours and themes to choose from to suit many different occasions also. 
Even better... shipping is FREE!

Which is your favourite bracelet from the website?

Thanks for reading!

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18 January 2013

OOTD- Spikey Denim

Dress: FDavenue
Leotard: World of Dance
Skirt: Debenhams
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Barratts*
Hat: Debenhams-Tammy
Bracelet: Cutey*

Hello! As you may have noticed, my hair is more poofy which reminds me so much of a lion every time I look in the mirror... oh dear. It's nice for a little change.

I knew I had to show you the beauty of this dress which I snapped it up for a mere £5.50! after being reduced as a result of the half price sale at FDavenue. They sell so much high street clothes at much affordable prices which I love and have more to show you as I obviously did not just get one garment :D. The best bit about it for me is the studded collar as it just accentuates the dress very well. The other cute detail is the cut out sides. Now... I know these aren't shown very clearly so I apologise for that, but I feel most comfortable wearing something under therefore not revealing my skin in those areas. This dress has potential to look ever so flattering.

I just popped a black skirt under the dress as I'm kind of funny with dresses. If at a certain length, I would wear it without an emergency back up for those extra windy UK days haha if you know what I mean. Mind you, I want to get some cycle shorts as those are very handy.

I am starting to love hats more and more but I have to style them right to love them completely. This oversized felt hat is such a great addition to the outfit and with it being black, it is very versatile, I also am wearing my new bracelet from Cutey which is my all time favourite from the site and a review will shortly be up!

These lita dupes are my favourite and work so well with this outfit. Don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading!

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14 January 2013

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes...

Hey guys!
Have you ever taken the time to appreciate your shoes. Tell them you love them. No that would be crazy. But have you got favourites that you are currently loving right now and wearing more than ever before?

I have many shoes that I love, but the ones that have been on the 'grab and go' list have to be my white converses and faux Litas. The converses are ones I would wear to Uni, driving, basic outings and the Litas for more formal occasions.

Faux Lita                                 |                                                             Converse

I was browsing the Next shoes Spring/ Summer collection and came across some potential new additions to my shoe collection. Next is a brand I turn to when I want strong and lasting quality shoes as I know I won't be disappointed so I'll show you what took my fancy.

Hidden Wedge High Tops £40

Black Lace-Up Western Boots £35

Lipsy Biker Boots £85

Black Leather Over-Knee Boots £99

I simply went for a theme of all black, because we all know this is a staple colour for any piece of outfit all year round! The snow these few days has reiterated to me the importance of having comfy warm boots in your shoe collection, so that is exactly what I picked out... Boots!

All of these boots can be dressed up or dressed down, some more than others, so I would love to include these in future outfit posts!

Why I love them individually?
1- I have been wanting a concealed wedge for ages and they look so cool and feminine alongside men's trainers. Mr & Mrs (cute!)

2- These boots are quite dainty and the heel is not high at all so can be warn all day long. The texture of the fabric looks fabulous too.

3-I love the embellishment detail on these boots. Sassy yet grungy so I like the contrast.

4- These boots remind me of something a lady of the manor would wear, riding her horses in her spare time and driving her Range Rover... My imagination wandered there haha! But I love how tall them come above the knee with that leather-like finish.

If interested in entering this competition, details are here on Laura's blog :)

Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading
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Health | Natures Healthbox

Initially when I started blogging approximately 7 months ago, I intended on covering style, beauty and health.  I have heavily concentrated on style and beauty until now, so want to incorporate more health posts on my blog. After all, me and many others agree that we want to kick start 2013 healthy!

When I heard 'Natures Healthbox' were launching a website today based solely on organic products, I was highly impressed by the range of things they had to offer. From supplements, to skin care and dental hygiene.

Dental hygiene enhances a person's beauty don't you think?! With so many sugary drinks I drink, I am always on the look out for a good toothpaste. I really would like 'Simon Cowell' teeth so anything that would lead to anything near that shine, I am up for :) 

So one of the products they had to offer and which I got the chance to review was the: 
Optima Australian Tea Tree Fresh and White Tea Tree Toothpaste 100ml. £3.98
Firstly, Tea tree oil is one of my favourites for the skin so was happy to see this Australian tea tree in the formula. Secondly, the toothpaste contains antiseptic which provides natural protection for the gums and white teeth. It is fluoride free which is sometimes advised by dentists for prevention of such things like dental fluorosis- discoloration of teeth. It ingredients are:

Aqua, Calcium carbonate, Glycerin, Hydrated silica, Mentha pipperita oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, Aloe barbadensis, Menthol, Melaleuca alternifolia oil, Escin, Ubiquinone, Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, Xylitol, Citric acid.

After trying out this product for a month, I have felt it does the job quite well by actually cleaning the teeth, as it should do and leaves your mouth feeling extra fresh, minty and looking a little brighter. Not a whole lot brighter in shade but by a little. I steer clear from eyes watering strong toothpastes but this is not that strong. I have never had problems with my gums, but they do feel a lot more healthy after using it for a month. I have been a long time lover of everything containing Aloe plant extract in it, so I love this even more. It is sold at a great price so I would definitely repurchase. The only down side would be, that I don't have 'Simon Cowell' teeth, but I can cope with that :) 

Readers of 'Mintyessence' can get up to 35% off selected lines by entering the code: BLOGTASTIC2013
(valid until: Thurs 31st Jan 23:59 GM)

The code is valid on all products in addition to the January offers currently on: 

25% off Salcura 
15% off A.Vogel 
          20% off Amy's Kitchen 

Do you tend to buy many natural products?

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13 January 2013

Award | The Versatile Blogger

I was recently nominated for the versatile blogger award by Chloe, so thank you!  This should be fun!

The rules are:
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers
  • Let them know you have nominated them
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself
  • Thank the blogger who has nominated you
  • Add the versatile blogger award to your post

So here's random facts about me....

1. I love to sing
2. The height of the heels I wear and dependent on who I will be with... Don't want to be Mrs Giraffe do I!
3. When I am nervous, I talk to my self... weirdo
4. To learn a song fast I would karaoke it on youtube
5. I am a UK size 7 in shoes
6. I hate spiders
7. I want to go to IMATS this year

So here's the bloggers I have nominated...

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