Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

Hey guys!
Have you ever taken the time to appreciate your shoes. Tell them you love them. No that would be crazy. But have you got favourites that you are currently loving right now and wearing more than ever before?

I have many shoes that I love, but the ones that have been on the ‘grab and go’ list have to be my white converses and faux Litas. The converses are ones I would wear to Uni, driving, basic outings and the Litas for more formal occasions.

Faux Lita                                 |                                                             Converse

I was browsing the Next shoes Spring/ Summer collection and came across some potential new additions to my shoe collection. Next is a brand I turn to when I want strong and lasting quality shoes as I know I won’t be disappointed so I’ll show you what took my fancy.

Hidden Wedge High Tops £40

Black Lace-Up Western Boots £35

Lipsy Biker Boots £85

Black Leather Over-Knee Boots £99

I simply went for a theme of all black, because we all know this is a staple colour for any piece of outfit all year round! The snow these few days has reiterated to me the importance of having comfy warm boots in your shoe collection, so that is exactly what I picked out… Boots!

All of these boots can be dressed up or dressed down, some more than others, so I would love to include these in future outfit posts!

Why I love them individually?

1– I have been wanting a concealed wedge for ages and they look so cool and feminine alongside men’s trainers. Mr & Mrs (cute!)

2– These boots are quite dainty and the heel is not high at all so can be warn all day long. The texture of the fabric looks fabulous too.

3-I love the embellishment detail on these boots. Sassy yet grungy so I like the contrast.

4– These boots remind me of something a lady of the manor would wear, riding her horses in her spare time and driving her Range Rover… My imagination wandered there haha! But I love how tall them come above the knee with that leather-like finish.

If interested in entering this competition, details are here on Laura’s blog 🙂

Which is your favourite?

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