Event | Leeds Bloggers Event

When I heard that a meet up was happening locally, I just knew it would be a great opportunity to meet some close-by bloggers. The location was the Fab Cafe in Leeds which I have never thought actually existed until now. It was organised by the lovely Kieron and Kelly and turned out just fab!!

Claire, Angelica, Kieron, Nicola and Me 🙂

The setting was quite chilled out, with wrestling going on in the background, but us beauty bloggers could not stop chatting about new beauty finds etc. One of the hot topics we discussed was the Rimmel apocolips and which shades we loved the most. If you want to see the post I did on my three purchases click here. We yapped about all sorts but it was great finding out about what we all did aside from blogging.

Nicola, Me and Kelly 🙂
We were given a goody bag with lots of little treats inside which is always a bonus! Reviews to come soon 😀

It was great to see a familiar face, Nicola as we used to go to the same school and just so happened to have been reunited through blogging. It was amazing seeing Angelica as I had been reading her blog for a long time. A lovely girl that was actually in the same room as me at  the #bbloggersxmas event, funny that!  It was awesome to officially see Danielle as we always tweeted each other and meeting Claire was cool to talk to. The bubbly friendly Kelly was great to chat with too and someone I had met previously at the Benefit launch. Of course Kieron was the planner behind this little meet so do check out his blog.
Thanks again for an enjoyable evening 🙂

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