Benefit | Makeover Experience

On Sunday, my mum had booked a makeup make over at Benefit as a Christmas present. So thoughtful and very exciting. However it was a tricky one as she knows I don’t like my face being touched and it would be my first ever make over done by someone else. The gamble paid off in the end and it was a great experience. Here’s what happened:
I was introduced to the lovely Bene-babe Sarah, who firstly asked me what type of skin I have and what colours I usually go for or what I was looking to get. I basically wanted to do something different to my usual so opted for a slight smokey eye. I say slight because it really did not turn out very smokey.

First the ‘Triple Performing Facial Emulsion‘ was used on the skin which was good because it is oil free and contains spf15. Especially with all the snow, it is very important to not forget to wear products with spf no matter what your skin tone is.The application was very smooth and it had a lovely smell to it. Not to mention the bottle is so cute looking and reminds me of old fashion medicinal bottles… or is that just me?

Next was the POREfessional which is undoubtedly one of the best primers I have ever come across. I first tried it out after getting a sample in a magazine, and then at Christmas. I love it so much as it instantaneously hides any major pores you have. If you are looking for a more long term solution to minimising pores with help from the Benefit range, I was advised that the ‘Refine Finish Facial’ exfoliator can deal with this.

I didn’t think much about the foundation that was to be used, but after seeing the final product, it really was like no other. I mean the coverage was great but I like the tone which veered towards being slightly orange. I know this is not always a good look on everyone but I find every foundation has a different tone, whether it is red, yellow or in this case orange. The ‘Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow‘ is oil-free, contains spf25 which is very good and gives medium coverage. To build to full coverage, the ‘Hello Flawless‘ pressed powder was used lightly over the whole face. The shade of foundation which was used on me was Nutmeg.

The blush used was ‘Bella Bamba‘ which was fairly light on the face but acted as a highlighter on the upper cheek bone area. The shade was quite girly and a pink rose sort of colour.

For my eyes, the ‘smokin eyes‘ top eye shadows were used. At first I thought the middle greyish colour was too bright/ light on my eye so after muting it a little it was just right. The ‘magic ink‘ eyeliner was applied with a thin line and a little flick. Not as fast drying as my L’oreal superliner but a nice finish. I was excited to try the brow zings kit in dark because I have been looking for an alternative to my eyebrow cake. Sarah used the fancy Benefit way to apply it which I thought was very cool and the result was one of my favourite parts of the whole look! I then got to try the ‘they’re real‘ mascara which looked and felt amazing on. I now see what the whole hype was about!

For my lips, I had ‘Silky Finish Lipstick‘ in Breathless which is a berry pinky shade. The texture is super silky, which I like and actually lasted for a long time. I find purple shade suit me and I need to get some more shades like this. This was my second favourite part of the whole look.

Overall it was a brilliant experience which left me feeling happy for the rest of the day. Thanks Sarah for going the make-over and thanks to my mum for the Christmas present 🙂
I would definitely recommend you book yourself in for one, especially if you are planning on going out later but remember, it always helps for you to visualise what look you want in the end as it helps the process to go smoothly.

Before I left, I knew I wanted to stock up on the full size of the POREfessional primer, but they had a deal on and I bought the POREfessional along with the triple performing facial cream ‘it’s about prime‘. This came up to £23.50 which works out so much better! I also got a little cosmetic bag with the purchase and a miniature sample of the facial emulsion cream.

This weekend the new Benefit ‘Fine One One‘ cream blush will be launching and readily available in the shops as of 26th Jan 2013! If you want to find out more… keep your eye out for a post next week 🙂 

Thanks for reading!
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