Review: Shine Like a Diamond

Hello lovelies!
This post is about the cute little accessories we add to our wrists sometimes… Bracelets!
If you know me, you will know I am not a massive jewelry wearer but when I do add that bit of bling on occasions, I like them to be special and extra pretty. 
Also if you know me, I use the word ‘cute’ to describe a lot of things, even if they aren’t that cute looking… awkward haha!
When I came across the website Cutey, the selection of bracelets were very eye catching and super pretty. Two of the many bracelets they have to offer on their website are the Shambala bracelets and the Charm bracelets. My favourite definitely has to be the Shambala ones.

EROS – £12.99*
This is symbolic of Love and so includes pinks, greens, hearts and kisses. I don’t know what green has to do with love but the pastel colours blend together well.

This is a carnival themed bracelet for those who love merrymaking. Representing carousels and festivals, this bracelet is fun, sparkly and quite unique. The nine beads each contain encrusted in 84 crystals which just shows how much detail are in these pretty jems. The straps adjustable and so can definitely fit different wrist sizes. I love, love LOVE this one!!

The bracelets are weighty and feel expensive and come in two different sizes for the charm bracelets: 18cm and 20cm. There are many different colours and themes to choose from to suit many different occasions also. 
Even better… shipping is FREE!

Which is your favourite bracelet from the website?

Thanks for reading!
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