30 September 2012

Celebrations at DeFresh OOTD

Top: Next
Skirt: Silent Angels
Jacket: ASOS
Tights: Debenhams
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Primark
Watch: River Island

Hey, hope you are well!
Last night I went to a birthday celebration meal at a Chinese restaurant for my Aunty. I love Chinese, so I knew it would be a happy ever after and it was :D

As the weather was so windy, I opted to wear tights and my new suede boots which are ever so comfy. The bomber jacket brightens the all black outfit with its contrasting lime green and black colour. This is the first time I have worn my Zara bag like that without the strap as I feel the style is more suited for a night out which I held under my arm. On my lips, I have my purply coloured lipstick in the shade 'berry pink' by Avon. Very nice and girly.

The evening really brightened up my day because my day consisted of worrying over my little sister, who currently has a bug she must have caught from school. She couldn't go to this meal and neither could my mum and other sister to look after her and keep her company. So my brother and I went along, eating with them in mind lol! Here are some pictures I took there:

Chicken satay on a skewer with peanut source 

carefully crafted carrot- cute! 


sweet and sour chicken - YUMMM! 

soft boiled noodles and been sprouts 

Birthday girl's treat!

Also, do you think it is worrying when the Chinese staff know your name and regular order? #problemsofachinesefoodaddict 

Thanks for reading and hope you had a great weekend!

27 September 2012

Motel Rocks

Hey! I hope this post brightens up your damp and dreary, day because it sure is like this where I live. A bit of alliteration going on... oh yeah!

So my life at the moment is so busy right now. I hardly have time to shop as much as I did a few weeks ago which I'm sure my bank account is screaming "thank goodness Joanna!". When I do have a little time on my hands, internet shopping or browsing is the thing to do. 

Motel Rocks website is a website I have been accumulating a wish-list for because the things on there looks awesome and probably even better right here in my hand :D These are some of the things I am liking;

1 / 2 / 3

If you want to keep in trend or maybe want to check it out yourself, please do. You won't be disappointed by the wide selection of goodness. But what is exciting is that you can use the discount code 'Mintyessence' to get 20% of your order. Yep you read right, so even more reasons to splurge and treat yourself.

Let me know what you are liking on the website.

Thanks for reading!

24 September 2012

Glossybox- September 2012


This post is about the Glossybox that I got for September, which so happened to be a limited edition exclusively designed by an up coming illustrator Maggie Li. The very detailed patterned box was designed and put together by her. These are the items which came in my box: 

1-      LADY GAGA Fame Fragrance – I like this perfume's sent as it is quite girly and floral I guess, but the dark packaging suggested otherwise. I expected the scent to be musky and woody but it is far from that. However, Lady Gaga never fails to surprise us so I guess it has her print on it.

2-  RODIAL Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 min Facial These sachets look interesting as two are snake serums which reduce frown lines and wrinkles, and the other two are 5 minutes facial masks. I am looking forward to the 5 min facial mask as it is more my kind of thing although the sample size is tiny. I will no doubt give the ones for wrinkles to my mum... before you say anything... she likes these kind of things. Anti-ageing products are right up her street even though I do tell her she doesn't need them... yet :)

3-     BALANCE ME Wonder Eye Cream – I first came across the Balance Me range when I recieved a balancing face moisturizer in a magazine a few weeks ago. That was great so I didn't mind trying something else from that brand. I like it when it includes products I don't have much of or at all, so an eye cream was ideal. I have previously mentioned that  wanted to get rid of dark shadows and this says it does that! wooo! It also reduces appearances of fine lines so I can't wait to try this out. I went to try this out the other day, but noticed it was in a different spot on my dressing table. "Nice eye cream you've got Joanna!" Yep, mum tried it before me, she loves it. I better hide it next time!

4-    BODY SHOP Vitamin E Moisture Cream – This cream was a bit of a "yay" and "nay" product because it was a product I could easily get hold of and sample in the shop if I wanted to and not so 'luxury'. But I had been keen on trying the Body Shop E Vitamin creams.  I must admit that the sizing of the little tub is so cute and really easy to pop in a small bag. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin making it healthier and brighter. It is extremely moisturising and has a pink tint to it. This won't last long.

5-     L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Tecni Art Full Volume Extra Mousse After giving up on using hair mousse because of the sticky texture left on my hair and fingers, I thought I would never go back to it ever again. However, recently I have been hearing that hair mousses are improving especially the more high end products. So I was happy to see that L'Oreal offered such a hair friendly product. A great travel size and it smells, probably how hair products smell, but it is nice. It also is not bitter, so I know it won't be extremely damaging to my hair with harsh chemicals in it.  [Read my previous post on using your senses which picking your products.]

6-    L'OREAL PROFESSIONAL Tecni Art liss control gel cream – I am a trusty customer of L'Oreal so was really up for trying this. I need to put it to full use to reap the benefits, so I am really looking forward to that. Again, a very decent travel size.

What I think  This box came in such a pretty box, and is the best box I have ever received so I like. But products in it weren't all that amazing, maybe because I got two hair products both from the same brand. I am grateful though that I got 6 products in my box as opposed to 5. Whether this was a mistake or not... I'm happy. Glossybox should standardise their distribution of items so everyone gets at least one full sized product instead of what ever box gets what ever.

If you do want to subscribe to glossybox, click here.

Have you smelt Lady Gaga's new fragrance? If so what do you think about it?

Thanks for reading xx

22 September 2012

Next’s Seven Days of Shoes Competition


This blog post is linked to a giveaway by Sherin with Next. I got an email about it and knew it would be fun to do, so I thought I would give it a shot! If you want to take part, please do as Next has great things on their website.
   The aim was to style seven shoes from Next's own brand. These are footwear I would personally wear, so I hope you like and probably get some inspiration from the outfits :)

1               /          2              /           3
This is a simple combination, but anything studded does it for me as you have probably guessed from my recent posts. The dress makes it quite girly with the florals and the bag is a great size, especially for shopping:)

4         /           5           /           6
These boots give a great urban edge to the classy dress and blazer. The beige is a lovely fresh colour that I have been loving recently and something I would wear for a dressed up casual look. These boots are also very comfy as they aren't too high.

7        /           8           /           9
This outfit is one that I would definitely wear to Uni for a lecture. The high top trainers reminded me of converses so thats why I included that in the sub-title. The suede material on them are awesome as they add a little texture which I love.

10        /           11           /           12
I just thought about the rainy muddy weather that can always be a problem when it comes to foot wear. No more! These wellies are great to keep you dry and trendy. I love the quilted detail and have some similar to this . The leggings are comfy and the top covers your bum with a bit of layering going on.

13        /           14           /           15
This is a great outfit for going out to dinner. I love having a colour theme so this, as you have probably guessed, is blue. The shades are slightly different but I fell in love with the shoes. I just love the contrasting brown and blue and the strap and peep toe is just sexy in my opinion. 

16            /        17        /          18
This is something that I would wear to church as it is nice and elegant. I love the light pink colour of the shoe and bag. The patent shoe is amazing. Love!

19        /        20        /         21
These boots look great to kick back in and look at the tip of them... studded detailing on them right? Love it! The simple top goes well with the patterned skinny jeans so is appropriate for a casual day. 

*all images are from the Next website*

Which was your favourite?

Thanks for reading!

21 September 2012

New In | Tell me about it studded pumps

Topshop- Vectras Leopard Stud slippers
Zara- Studded Slipper (red)

Quite popular now is the studded trend which I love. I am a little obsessed right now with studs and don't know when I will ever get over it but so far in my collection, I have two studded flats which are featured in this post.

I love my flats, especially when they are soft and comfy to wear. I definitely want to know that I get my full use out of them and so much more. Here are the studded flats I have:

Black studded
These are my most recent purchases which I adore. I mainly like the colour as black goes with every and anything. The silver studs are quite veversatilelso. I wanted to buy the Topshop black studded flats but in the process of saving up for them, I found these in Select and they proved to be quite comfy and cheaper. At £12, it would have been rude of me not to right? It looks and feels quite strong and durable but it is not as soft as the creams ones. This could however be due to the fact that I need to break them in a little. Besides, they are so cute!

Cream studded

These I purchased a few months ago and have not given them a break since then. The quality of these Topshop beauties and extremely soft. They are trendy and also mega comfy for running for the bus or driving. The studs are gold and really go well with the cream colour of the shoe. The material is like a soft leather, so handy for wet weather.

If you know me, traits from my mum, I love to build upon my collections of shoes, bags watches you name it! So... I have been keeping my eye on some other studded flats.

Which is your favourite? 

Thanks for reading

19 September 2012

SLEEK: Be Beautiful Blemish Balm Review

This post is going to be a personal review on what I thought about this product.

I have been wanting to try something like this for a while now but I was just waiting. You want to know what I was waiting for? I don't even know. However, I stepped into Superdrug and bought the SLEEK: Be beautiful Blemish Balm in the shade medium. I felt slightly more confident finding the right shade in the Sleek section as they do cater for a wider range of completions from fair to dark.

First up I like the packaging, black, squeezy, face down cover, shiny 'sleek' writing. I actually look out for the appearance first, which,  maybe is weird?! This product was easy to apply and I found the shade matched me completely.

 I don't have any products with this shade formula which is funny but it does give me a 'not much makeup' look. I am still deciding if this is a good thing or a bad thing. This is primarily because sometimes you want to be seen as making an effort makeup wise, but other times you may want a laid back appearance. This is great for that.  Also this applies quite light on the face so is better for a light coverage or if you have good/ clear skin. I would say my skin isn't flawless so would want a fuller coverage. When I do build it up little more, I find it oily on my face which does not help my combinational skin. Therefore I would used powder foundation over the top.

Putting my opinions to one side, it does do what it says on the tin by blending skin care and makeup together by normalising the skins moisture content if normally dry. It also conceals skin imperfections as it does settle in well once applied. Vitamin C reduces skin discolouration and the SPF 15 also protects the skin from damaging sun rays. So I would say very good for the skin especially if dry, which is great.

Have you tried any other BB creams?
Thanks for reading!

15 September 2012

My belly is full!! -OOTD

Dress + Jacket: My Grandma bought it :)
Shoes: Primark
Watch: River Island
Belt: Primark

Hey guys!

 Today has been lovely, so I enjoyed the sun. Listened to some gospel tunes and kinda relaxed. Yesterday was slightly  hectic preparing food for today as we had some guests around. The results of the hard work I put in were rewarding to say the least. West Indian roti, rice, samosas, chicken were amoungst some other stuff. So I am extremely grateful for having friends and family time. And you do know you had a great time when your belly is full. Zumba tonight! I don't have pictures of  what I ate because I obviously just stuck right in there :o

The outfit I'm wearing has been hung in my wardrobe for ever. Well realistically around 4 years- I think... It was bought for me by my grandmother but at that time it didn't fit. So sad. Now it fits me a lot better and also I feel that it is time to be worn. The whole London Fashion Week is inspiring me to do and try all sorts of stuff. I have been searching for dresses that fall just below the knee and this is the only one I have so far, so I love it. It comes with it's own jacket which is great as I don't particularly love my arms. The only thing that annoys me, is that glitter is an evident trail of where I have been. The little glitter detailing is very pretty, but sheds a lot- I feel like a fairy! I used a belt to synch in the waist adding a little modern feel with the chained effects.

The shoes were such a cheap steal from Primark. Let me have you know, I did pay for them and not steal them, but at £6... that was certainly a win. I had to get a size down, which felt amazing because I have always considered myself to have big feet. I love the patent finish and the darkish nude/ caramel colour.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Have you come across any great bargains recently?

13 September 2012

I rely on my senses, do you?

Did you know, your skin likes what you like?

It may sound so simple but this fact is overshadowed the majority of the time by the brand, the price, the convenience. Yes, these all play a part in what products we reach for, buy and use, but what does our skin crave? This is where our senses play an important role.

This is a tip I will always carry through life which came from the wise words of my mother and I do believe it is true, it has to be.  If you taste a tiny bit of a product on the tip of your tongue, what does it taste like? I don't mean eat it or swallow lots but your tongue is smarter than you think. If it is bitter, maybe slightly acidic, this is not best for your skin. The product is most likely too strong to be put on sensitive parts of your body. Places like your face cooperate more with mild formulaes. When I come across these type of products, I know that I must stay away, or read the contents thoroughly doing research behind the ingredients, especially if I have never heard of the name of them before.
If the product does not taste like anything, this doesn't mean it is perfect for your skin, but it is great to know that there are going to be less irritating factors. You will find the more natural products are, the milder they will be.

After going to a salon for a facial, I experienced the importance of smell when it comes to what your body actually wants. I got given the option of which scent I preferred for the moisturiser that was to be used whilst my eyes were shut. I asked why they ask customers that question and why can't they just pick any scent but the answer was that, what the nose likes, the body will like too. I think thats amazing how your body knows what it wants and craves. An example of this is that some people will prefer the smell of lavender but hate vanilla, love peach but hate the smell of chocolate or vice versa. Next time you are smelling a product you want to buy, consider if you really like the smell of it.

Thank you for reading and I hope this was interesting for you!

Have you got any beauty tips/ hints/ tricks or facts?

09 September 2012

Here we go again...

Hey guys hope you had a fantastic weekend! The weather has been glorious so my mood has been on a high. I am just getting my last bits and bobs ready for starting back Uni tomorrow. Exciting.... Nervous... Ready... These are the emotions I'm feeling right now because it's another year of even more hard work but it's all good :) I can't believe it was last year I was a fresher!!

This weekend I went to Huddersfield to see family and this is the OOTD that I wore to church and some other pictures I thought I would include. This is the first time wearing my glasses on this blog which I wear occasionally, though it's suppose to be a full time thing- shhh ;)

Top: Shop in Harrogate 
Skirt: Peacocks
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara

Thanks for reading.

07 September 2012

My Monthly Wants [SEPTEMBER]...

Hey guys!

Probably wondering why I didn't do a wish list for August, but this was just due to the fact I didn't have a lot of needs that month and if I did there were just 1 or 2. I may have sneaked in two cheeky footwear items I have been liking.

My mum had a pair like these and I used to laugh at them on her. Now the joke is on me, because I love this style, and it is suited towards the cooler weather that is to come. I wish I could take her vintage boots but its a pity she isn’t my size.

I am still in love with studs and the idea of having a slippers with extra studs on it, males me happy. This is very soft and comfy and the leather material is great for the Autumn season.

 I have been watching this recently and eager to try it out to see if it works for me.

 I have been looking for the perfect satchel as I think it would be great for starting back Uni. However  want it to be a big size to hold all my bits and bobs including files.

Since receiving this in a glossybox, I have been meaning to repurchase this, and the price is so good! I love Yves Rocher and also the mascara does wonders to my non existent eyelashes.

Do you like or have any of these items?

Thanks for reading.

06 September 2012

Don't wait for luck, dedicate yourself...

Hi Hi!

This is what I wore today. Just a casual piece I put together featuring a vintage throw over from my mum. She was giving it to charity and I was like "uh-uh-uh I'll take that thank you" lol. I must say she didn't quite work it like this. Hope you like it.

The title in this post is from the song Hall of fame- The Script ft William <- Listen to it if you haven't already. I like the words and I find it such a beautiful thing to actually find words with proper meanings behind it. Lyrics could be a personal thing to someone, no matter what form of music it has been presented in. However some songwriter, should not even be called song writers.
  I interpret these words to mean don't wait around waiting for luck to take its course. You should be the driving force of your own dreams and wishes.If you dedicate and throw yourself at something you are passionate about, you are already on your journey to success. This can be in all aspects of life like school, work, everyday life and even blogging. It's amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

Let me just take this opportunity to thank all my current followers- I really appreciate :)

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you had a great day :)

05 September 2012

Competition: #Passionforfashion

Recently I received an email asking me to enter a fabulous competition run by MoneySupermarket called Passion for Fashion.
The competition requires entrants to plan 5 outfits for under £200 or less for 5 different occassions, party, casual, outdoor, first date and office wear to create the ultimate autumn/winter wardrobe.  The prize is absolutely fantastic there is a chance to win up to £1000 to spend on the looks and an iPad 3. If you want to check it out yourself click here

  Here are my five looks. 

1. Mango Combi-dress £24.99,  This is on sale at a great price and the piece is simple but with contrasting colours, it is great for the office.
2. New Look Chinese Laundry patent Court £32.99, These plain heels are suitable for the office as they aren't too high or low. 
3. Debenhams Navy quilted tote bag £36.00, This compliments the nay blue part of the dress, and is cute and compact for essentials.
4. Aldo Gilarski watch £24.98, This adds a bit of bling to the outfit as the gold brings the outfit alive.
TOTAL: £118.96

1. Owntherunway Blue and white striped sleeveless shirt £13.99,  This light shirt is great to tuck in to the pants. Great price!
2. Select Black Multi Stud Ankle Boots £18.00These are comfy to walk in no matter what the casual occasion entails.
3. GlamourousUK Pewter Disco Pants £29.99These disco pants add sparkle and are a lot cheaper than the AA pants with the same effect.
4. Owntherunway Black Cropped Biker Jacket £37.99Leather is trending right now and great for a breezy day.
5. Amazon Satchel Fashion handbag £21.99, This navy blue bag is quite affordable and a decent size. It goes well with the outfit.
TOTAL: £121.96

1. Topshop Swirl mesh dress £15.00,  This sexy dress has great mesh detailing! Check the price tag!
2. Office JC Foxy heel pink suede £55.00The suede texture goes well with the outfit and the colour is quite girly. Definite bargin.
3. Missselfridge Nude Puff Sleeve Blazer £30.00The light nude colour goes well with the pinky shoe colour.
4. Aldo Yackeren £29.98Leather is trending right now and great for a breezy day.
5. Accessorize Bow Cream Strap £15.00, A cute watch in the form of a bow- great arm candy:)

TOTAL: £139.98

1. New Look Navy Blue Metallic Parka £39.99,  This high shine coat is great to step out into the showers of autumn, in style!
2. Bank Heritage Skinny Stretch Jeans £30.00, Its always great to wear stretchy jeans as comfort is the key.
3. Republic Crafted Sleeveless Checked Shirt £28.00This is quite casual and falls at a nice length which I love.
4. River Island Black Velcro wedge High tops £50.00This footwear is very easy to walk in and a lot cheaper than the original.
5. Cath Kidston Mini Dot small zip bag £24.00, This is a compact bag which can be kept clean with a glossy finish. 

TOTAL: £171.99

1. River Island Black dogtooth print skater £40.00,  This dress is at a lovely length and the price is a winner for me!
2. Schuh Pretty Glitter Court Heels £65.00No ordinary black shoe, the glitter makes it party appropriate for the dance floor
3. ASOS Weave Metal Bar Clutch £18.00The woven leather look adds the class to this look.
4. ASOS 2 Tone Retro Digital Watch £11.00, The gold matches the clutch well. You want to know when the clock strikes 12 :) 
TOTAL: £164.00

Which look did you like best?

I had fun putting these pieces together hope you like and probably gain some information from them. 
Thanks for reading this post! xx

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