SLEEK: Be Beautiful Blemish Balm Review


I have been wanting to try something like this for a while now but I was just waiting. You want to know what I was waiting for? I don’t even know. However, I stepped into Superdrug and bought the SLEEK: Be beautiful Blemish Balm in the shade medium. I felt slightly more confident finding the right shade in the Sleek section as they do cater for a wider range of completions from fair to dark.

First up I like the packaging, black, squeezy, face down cover, shiny ‘sleek’ writing. I actually look out for the appearance first, which,  maybe is weird?! This product was easy to apply and I found the shade matched me completely.

I don’t have any products with this shade formula which is funny but it does give me a ‘not much makeup’ look. I am still deciding if this is a good thing or a bad thing. This is primarily because sometimes you want to be seen as making an effort makeup wise, but other times you may want a laid back appearance. This is great for that.  Also this applies quite light on the face so is better for a light coverage or if you have good/ clear skin. I would say my skin isn’t flawless so would want a fuller coverage. When I do build it up little more, I find it oily on my face which does not help my combinational skin. Therefore I would used powder foundation over the top.

Putting my opinions to one side, it does do what it says on the tin by blending skin care and makeup together by normalising the skins moisture content if normally dry. It also conceals skin imperfections as it does settle in well once applied. Vitamin C reduces skin discolouration and the SPF 15 also protects the skin from damaging sun rays. So I would say very good for the skin especially if dry, which is great.

Have you tried any other BB creams?

Thanks for reading!