Motel Rocks

Hey! I hope this post brightens up your damp and dreary, day because it sure is like this where I live. A bit of alliteration going on… oh yeah!
So my life at the moment is so busy right now. I hardly have time to shop as much as I did a few weeks ago which I’m sure my bank account is screaming “thank goodness Joanna!”. When I do have a little time on my hands, internet shopping or browsing is the thing to do.
Motel Rocks website is a website I have been accumulating a wish-list for because the things on there looks awesome and probably even better right here in my hand 😀 These are some of the things I am liking;
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If you want to keep in trend or maybe want to check it out yourself, please do. You won’t be disappointed by the wide selection of goodness. But what is exciting is that you can use the discount code ‘Mintyessence’ to get 20% of your order. Yep you read right, so even more reasons to splurge and treat yourself.
Let me know what you are liking on the website.

Thanks for reading!