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My Monthly Wants [SEPTEMBER]…

Hey guys!


You are probably wondering why I didn’t do a wish list for August, but this was just due to the fact I didn’t have a lot of items I felt I wanted. However, I may have sneaked in two cheeky footwear items I have been liking.
My mum had a pair like these and I used to laugh at them on her. Now the joke is on me, because I love this style, and it is suited towards the cooler weather that is to come. I wish I could take her vintage boots but its a pity she isn’t my size.
I am still in love with studs and the idea of having a slippers with extra studs on it, males me happy. This is very soft and comfy and the leather material is great for the Autumn season.
 I have been watching this recently and eager to try it out to see if it works for me.
 I have been looking for the perfect satchel as I think it would be great for starting back Uni. However  want it to be a big size to hold all my bits and bobs including files.
Since receiving this in a glossybox, I have been meaning to repurchase this, and the price is so good! I love Yves Rocher and also the mascara does wonders to my non existent eyelashes.
Do you like or have any of these items?
Thanks for reading.