New In | Tell me about it studded pumps

Topshop- Vectras Leopard Stud slippers
Zara- Studded Slipper (red)

Quite popular now is the studded trend which I love. I am a little obsessed right now with studs and don’t know when I will ever get over it but so far in my collection, I have two studded flats which are featured in this post.

I love my flats, especially when they are soft and comfy to wear. I definitely want to know that I get my full use out of them and so much more. Here are the studded flats I have:

Black studded
These are my most recent purchases which I adore. I mainly like the colour as black goes with every and anything. The silver studs are quite veversatilelso. I wanted to buy the Topshop black studded flats but in the process of saving up for them, I found these in Select and they proved to be quite comfy and cheaper. At £12, it would have been rude of me not to right? It looks and feels quite strong and durable but it is not as soft as the creams ones. This could however be due to the fact that I need to break them in a little. Besides, they are so cute!

Cream studded

These I purchased a few months ago and have not given them a break since then. The quality of these Topshop beauties and extremely soft. They are trendy and also mega comfy for running for the bus or driving. The studs are gold and really go well with the cream colour of the shoe. The material is like a soft leather, so handy for wet weather.

If you know me, traits from my mum, I love to build upon my collections of shoes, bags watches you name it! So… I have been keeping my eye on some other studded flats.

Which is your favourite? 

Thanks for reading


  1. Oh, I'm really into studs <3 Lovely shoes!



  2. I'm loving anything studded too. Unfortunately my studded flat split, so I'm on the look out for some more

  3. Thanks 🙂

  4. Oh nooo! Thanks for telling me. I will be treating them with more care now haha

  5. I too can't get over with them. Always want more..

  6. love this trend and love your shoes!


  7. Gorgeous shoes! I found a studded bag the other day, desperately wanted it but sadly too expensive. Ahh.


  8. love them! 😀
    they totally scream 'Wear ME!' (:

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