I rely on my senses, do you?

Did you know, your skin likes what you like?

It may sound so simple but this fact is overshadowed the majority of the time by the brand, the price, the convenience. Yes, these all play a part in what products we reach for, buy and use, but what does our skin crave? This is where our senses play an important role.

This is a tip I will always carry through life which came from the wise words of my mother and I do believe it is true, it has to be.  If you taste a tiny bit of a product on the tip of your tongue, what does it taste like? I don’t mean eat it or swallow lots but your tongue is smarter than you think. If it is bitter, maybe slightly acidic, this is not best for your skin. The product is most likely too strong to be put on sensitive parts of your body. Places like your face cooperate more with mild formulaes. When I come across these type of products, I know that I must stay away, or read the contents thoroughly doing research behind the ingredients, especially if I have never heard of the name of them before.
If the product does not taste like anything, this doesn’t mean it is perfect for your skin, but it is great to know that there are going to be less irritating factors. You will find the more natural products are, the milder they will be.

After going to a salon for a facial, I experienced the importance of smell when it comes to what your body actually wants. I got given the option of which scent I preferred for the moisturiser that was to be used whilst my eyes were shut. I asked why they ask customers that question and why can’t they just pick any scent but the answer was that, what the nose likes, the body will like too. I think thats amazing how your body knows what it wants and craves. An example of this is that some people will prefer the smell of lavender but hate vanilla, love peach but hate the smell of chocolate or vice versa. Next time you are smelling a product you want to buy, consider if you really like the smell of it.

Thank you for reading and I hope this was interesting for you!

Have you got any beauty tips/ hints/ tricks or facts?