23 July 2017

An Amateurs guide to blogging/vlogging cameras

Entering the world of technical filming and photography equipment can be a little more than daunting however, sharing my top 6 is sure to make it a whole lot fun! These will include the Panasonic CSC Camera and Canon 80D camera which I currently love!

When I started blogging back in 2012, I jumped straight into the deep end knowing that I wanted a DSLR camera. This has been great through not only my blogging experiences but social and personal events also. It is one of those investments worth taking in life.

As well as photography on the blogging platform, I do vlogging but for personal/family use so I will be sharing the cameras I have heard good reviews from and personally used.

Canon 80D
This DSLR camera is great for expanding your professional photography along with different settings to work with. There is that life saving auto feature which works wonders but, I won't say that out loud for those aspiring professionals who rely on manual mode. Obviously there is the manual settings for adjusting to different capturing needs. I personally think this is great for not only photos but videoing too. That is if you don't mind carrying this heavy bit of kit which is possibly a downside.

Nikon D7200
This 24.2 MP DSLR is a great digital camera to own. I personally have been team Canon for the longest while but I guess I'm just biased due to what I've used the most. It evidently is heavier with its constructive makeup so better for home tutorials or beauty and fashion photos ibut for carrying around to various events... it can prove to be a little heavy. I think I need to learn more about the Nikon family and see if I can really be swayed to convert.

Olympus Pen ELP-8
I love this camera firstly for its versatility to carry around and next its aesthetic look. Olympus' just look awesome on a good flat-lay. That aside there are various photo settings and video options with the ability to easily upload to social media platforms via wifi. It comes with a flip up screen which is great too.

Panasonic Lumix G DC-GX800
This 4K camera ability comes with so many features to make an image look its optimal best. The flip screen is perfect for those scenic selfies and not to mention its wi-fi option to upload images fast and easily. The size is very compact and what I love is the option to change lenses efficiently with its interchangeable lense option.

Iphone 7plus Camera 
Without saying, I will always have a soft spot for my phone for taking top top pictures because as we know, Apple is always improving their quality. With dual rear cameras delivering x2 optical zoom everything is shot in HD! From the day I got asked if the photos produced on my phone was done on a DSLR, I knew the that I could rely on it especially if you have to take photos on the down low, eg vlogging your daily life. There are many editing apps which are worth looking into and imovie is always handy for creating vlog content to be shared.

Canon G7x
If you've done your research well, a lot of established vloggers have used this camera with nothing but majorly positive reviews. The size from experience is small, lightweight and perfect for travel vlogging. For those who are vain or just always have to look at the view finder, there is a flip screen which solves all of those 'I wonder what I look like' issues. The quality is top spec especially if you are new to using one of these cameras. They take pretty decent pictures also!

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21 June 2017

OOTD | Primark Floral Playsuit

Jumpsuit: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Primark

Styling this beautiful playsuit was one of my favourite tasks. Firstly if you know me, I initially found it pretty daunting pulling off a playsuit and gradually I wore them on holiday. Throwback to Trinidad 2016... ohhh those memories!! Personally I feel there is a time a place for them and hats off to those who wear them for office/formal wear looks. Anyway, I bought this in a size bigger as I would usually do for shorts. The flow of this is absolutely flattering on and although it has an elastic waistline, I used a thin belt for an additional accessory. This was styled with a bodysuit underneath but also can be worn with a bralette to show off the rather cute cut out details.

Now for the shoes, which were a super steal at £6 for a pretty pair of faux suede material strappy heels. These go well with the dual compartment side bag from Primark. It reminds me so much of a high-end bag with its half faux leather and half faux suede side.

I am totally re-kindling my Mickey and Minnie mouse love at the moment with my buns. As I work in a hospital, walking from ward A to corridor B with this hairstyle does strike up some funny Disney themed conversations!! I can't wait to share some new Disney finds I have recently accumulated!

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07 June 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide | 10 Ideas

On June 18th it is Father's Day and although I would encourage all year round appreciation, this post will give you some gift ideas for that special day. Let's face it... shopping for males can be mega hard and cause of many headaches. I find that brainstorming a plan in good time solves all those problems.

Father's Day gift Guide


Men's Perfume is always a must! Clive Christian has a great selection of masculine fragrances which have various undertones a guy would look for in a scent.

Miller and Carter is one of my favourite steak houses to visit and I know my dad likes it too... after I forced him there this one time :) Now there is no going back and they are conveniently doing father's day gift vouchers this year.

Socks are alway thee gift you search for when gifting a male on birthday's, Christmas, father's day or bar mitzvahs!

A FitBit is a great gift for someone who is health conscious or is into fitness. There are so many to pick from and depending on where they work for example wrist bands (Charge) or the 'One' that clips on pockets etc. I have one and I love it!

As Father's Day falls in June, the weather should be quite sunny. Take note of the 'should be' so sunglasses are a great gift. Whereas women feel the need to have hundreds of pairs, the majority of men have a standard pair. As an investment piece for a loved one I love these aviator Ray-Bans.

Personalised Gifts add a personal (durrrh) and momentous touch just like this apron. It will be the talking point of any BBQ where your dad or loved one is hosting.

'Superdad' Lush Bath bomb because everyone deserves to be pampered including our dads. Once they have a lush experience they will want to try more products... trust me!

A new watch is a super present to gift your father. This Michael Kors model is a classic style which I personally like but there are so many choices you can pick.

Amazon Echo which is s hands-free speaker which self activates to play music, set timers, order food etc. If your dad loves gadgets, this is for him!

Swell Water Bottle is a staple when out and about. It is so important to stay hydrated so this item is great for keeping in the car which would be ideal for my dad who is always on the road or to keep at work.

I hope this is encouraging and wishing all a happy Father's Day when it comes!

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05 June 2017

Monday's Mocktail Mayhem | Leeds Loves Cocktails and Mocktails

Whether you are having a detox, the designated driver for the night, improving your health situation or simply you just DON'T drink... Mocktails should be on the cards!

I love a good Mocktail because number one, they look epic number two, great for my sweet taste buds and oh yeah number three, they work out cheaper than alcoholic drinks. Saying this, from 5th-11th June Cocktails will be £5 in the spirit of Leeds Loves Cocktails. I'm sure Leeds loves Mocktails too :)

The downside is asking for a non-alcoholic drink and being given a regular 'juice drink' in a boring glass. No No NO... don't make me feel inferior or like a little child for choosing to drink sober.
Below I will share some great spots to order thee best Mocktails in and around Leeds!
 Watermelon Dew is a top fave at the Botanist which comes with pretty big slice of the good stuff! Watermelon, lime and lemonade make for a great drink whilst listening to the live music near the bar. £4.50

The 'MMMM Bongo' Mexican Mocktail at Cielo Blanco comes in an array of colour. The quenching flavour include pineapple, mango, lemon and passion fruit. £4.25

The Banyan Leeds serves Mango Tango with the obvious ingredient, lime, guava and pineapple for a super tropical taste. £3.75

The Pit is quite limited but does an amazing berry concoction called Very Berry which is a blend of cranberry, apple, strawberry, raspberry and lime.  £3.75

Leeds Double Tree Sky Lounge not only has a stunning view and price tag attached but a pretty good  attention to detail flavour wise. I have tried a virgin cosmopolitan which was pretty good. Sipping this refreshing citrous drink on the Sky Terrace is just a perfect way to enjoy the weekend with class. £6.50

Just remember by sober drinking, we can have just as much fun... and drop everyone home after that!! Let me know if you have tried any of these out yet!

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04 June 2017

OOTD | Royal Blue Wrap Dress

Dress: Primark
Glasses: RayBans
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Zara

When you only have limited window of glorious sunshine to shoot some outfit pictures... this royal blue number was captured. The struggle was actually real, scorching hot for a few minutes then torrential downpour the next and this repeated itself. I would like to say 'I wouldn't have it any other way' as I convince myself I am accustomed to the unpredictableness of the British weather.

This lovely wrap dress cinches the waist giving an ultra feminine look for a formal Saturday attire. No accessories are need as the silver buckle and asymmetrical cut does it for this piece.
It has been absolutely ages since I wore fishnet tights so it was slightly a blast from the past moment for me. Whilst writing this post and flicking through instagram, I've spotted a look where they were worn under some distressed jeans! I'm up for trying that for a casual and retro style. Thats why I love instagram for inspiration!

Clutching my faux leather textured handbag, which I must say is a cute but multi-functioning bag that fits everything that I need. Just not my tripod but... I will make some exceptions. Minimal heels were just the comfy option that day which I love but double buckles... oh what a pain!

I'm sure it's not just me inspired by style via Instagram!?

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01 June 2017

150 Topics to keep Bloggers Block at Bay


Long time no post! I know it's been ages but bloggers block is very much alive. Whilst being inspired by other platforms such as pinterest and instagram, my motive to upload written content was not there. However, after brainstorming new ideas interests and new finds that I am desperate to share with you all, I thought I would share these on my page! The aim is to constantly inspire not only myself but inspire those who were/are in the same position I was once in.

Okay since 2017 began 150 days ago... I bring to you 150 blogging topics!!!

1. New In my Wardrobe
2.Handbag collection
3. Wedding Season Dresses
4. Shoe Collection
5. My Current Wishlist
6. Top 5 Key Pieces
7. What I wore Today
8. What I wore Tonight
9. Favourite Fashion bloggers/ vloggers
10. Discount Codes (student/holiday/loyalty)
11. Multiple ways to style...
12. Timeless Pieces
13. Casual Look vs Formal Look
14. Seasonal Lookbook 
15. Church Wear
16. Monthly/ Weekly clothing haul
17. Wardrobe organisation
18. Decluttering my Closet
19. Outfit on a £30 budget
20. What wear travelling to...
21. Celebrity Inspired Look
22. Disney Clothing Items
23. Maximise space whilst packing for your travels
24. Gym Attire
25. Street Style Captured
26. Festival Themed Attire
27. My Favourite Onesies
28. What's in my handbag?
29. Vintage Key Pieces
30. Throwback Outfits
31. Colour Blocking
32. Fashion in Black and White
33. Seasonal Patterns
34. Favourite Accessories 
35. Interview Ready
36. Beachwear 
37. What to wear at Disneyland/World
38. Favourite Loungewear
39. Thrift/Charity/Car Boot Finds
40. Back to School/College/Uni

41. Face of the Day (FOTD)
42. Face of the Night (FOTN)
43. £10/£20 Make up Challenge
44. What's in my makeup bag?
45. Current nighttime routine
46. Current daytime routine
47. My favourite foundations
48. Products 'Not worth the hype'
49. Products 'Worth the hype'
50. Monthly Empties
51. My Makeup Collection
52. New In Beauty Items
53. Beauty Dupes Found
54. Hair Routine
55. Favourite Hairstyle of the month
56. Current Hair Inspiration
57. Swatch this- Lipsticks/ Eyeshadow/etc
58. High End vs High Street
59. 'Event' Makeup Look
60. Minimal Makeup Tutorial
61. On My brows: Products Used
62. Nails of the Day (NOTD)
63. No Makeup/ Natural Beauty Inspiration
64. Beauty Essentials
65. Beauty Supplements (Healthy)
66. Favourite Eyelashes
67. Threading vs Plucking vs Natural Brows
68. Battle of the Beauty Boxes
69. Light Vs Full Coverage Makeup
70. Makeup Storage
71. Makeup Haul
72. Travel size Must Haves
73. Product Reviews
74. Current Fave Beauty Item
75. Lush Haul
76. Body Shop Faves
77. Facial Hair Removal Tips
78. The best Edge Controls
79. Botox Vs Plump It
80. Beauty on the web vs reality

81. Travel with me to (Location)
82. Restaurant Review
83. Top 5 places to eat in...
84. What's in my gym bag?
85. What's in my work bag?
86. Gift Guide
87. My Bucket List
88. Q&A
89. Today I Baked...
90. Today I cooked...
91. Events in Yorkshire
92. I Tried Something New
93. Spa Day
94. Favourite Music/Artist
95. Note to my younger self
96. Top 10 favourite Lifestyle bloggers/vloggers
97. Favourite Film/ TV Series
98. West End Shows I must See
99. How not to be anti-social at Social Events
100. How I edit my Instagram Photos
101. The Photography Equipment I use
102. Naturistic Locations to Visit
103. Guest Post
104. Blog Love
105. A themed Tag
106. Home Interior Inspiration 
107. BBQ weather Playlist
108. Balancing Work and Uni life
109. Travelling Solo
110. Whats in my Weekend Travel Bag
111. Birthday Haul
112. Favourite Advent Calendars
113. Christmas Haul
114.  Summer Picnic
115. Favourite Phone Apps
116. Roadtrip Essentials
117. Favourite Candles
118. DIY 
119. Vegetarian/Vegan Recipes
120. Summer Reads

121. Fave Bloggers/Vloggers
122. My Social Media Platforms
123. Scheduling Post Apps
124. Blogging Habits
125. Camera Tips and Tricks
126. Why I started a blog?
127. International Blog Parcel Swap
128. How to take outfit pictures
129. Artificial Vs Natural Lighting
130. The perfect flat lay
131. Various Blogging Backgrounds
132. Pinterest
133. Blog Layouts
134. Making a Blog Unique
135. Blogging Part Time Vs Full Time
136. Tripod Vs Camera-person
139. HTML Coding made easy
138. Editing Blog Photos
139. Blogger Vs Wordpress
140. Blogging Trends
141. Blogger Events Etiquette
142. Blogging whilst on Holiday
143. Sponsorship/Ads
144. Developing your personal style
145. Bloggers Break/Detox
146. Keywords for Visitors
147. Interaction with fellow bloggers
148. How to gain inspiration
149. My hobbies and Interests
150. No regrets with your own content

If you have anymore interesting topics you would like to share, do let me know.

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