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Whether you are having a detox, the designated driver for the night, improving your health situation or simply you just DON’T drink… Mocktails should be on the cards!

I love a good Mocktail because number one, they look epic number two, great for my sweet taste buds and oh yeah number three, they work out cheaper than alcoholic drinks. Saying this, from 5th-11th June Cocktails will be £5 in the spirit of Leeds Loves Cocktails. I’m sure Leeds loves Mocktails too 🙂

The downside is asking for a non-alcoholic drink and being given a regular ‘juice drink’ in a boring glass. No No NO… don’t make me feel inferior or like a little child for choosing to drink sober.
Below I will share some great spots to order thee best Mocktails in and around Leeds!

Watermelon Dew is a top fave at the Botanist which comes with pretty big slice of the good stuff! Watermelon, lime and lemonade make for a great drink whilst listening to the live music near the bar. £4.50

The ‘MMMM Bongo’ Mexican Mocktail at Cielo Blanco comes in an array of colour. The quenching flavour include pineapple, mango, lemon and passion fruit. £4.25

The Banyan Leeds serves Mango Tango with the obvious ingredient, lime, guava and pineapple for a super tropical taste. £3.75

The Pit is quite limited but does an amazing berry concoction called Very Berry which is a blend of cranberry, apple, strawberry, raspberry and lime.  £3.75

Leeds Double Tree Sky Lounge not only has a stunning view and price tag attached but a pretty good  attention to detail flavour wise. I have tried a virgin cosmopolitan which was pretty good. Sipping this refreshing citrous drink on the Sky Terrace is just a perfect way to enjoy the weekend with class. £6.50

Just remember by sober drinking, we can have just as much fun… and drop everyone home after that!! Let me know if you have tried any of these out yet!

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