An Amateurs guide to blogging/vlogging cameras

Entering the world of technical filming and photography equipment can be a little more than daunting however, sharing my top 6 is sure to make it a whole lot fun! These will include the Panasonic CSC Camera and Canon 80D camera which I currently love!



When I started blogging back in 2012, I jumped straight into the deep end knowing that I wanted a DSLR camera. This has been great through not only my blogging experiences but social and personal events also. It is one of those investments worth taking in life.

As well as photography on the blogging platform, I do vlogging but for personal/family use so I will be sharing the cameras I have heard good reviews from and personally used.

Canon 80D
This DSLR camera is great for expanding your professional photography along with different settings to work with. There is that life saving auto feature which works wonders but, I won’t say that out loud for those aspiring professionals who rely on manual mode. Obviously there is the manual settings for adjusting to different capturing needs. I personally think this is great for not only photos but videoing too. That is if you don’t mind carrying this heavy bit of kit which is possibly a downside.

Nikon D7200
This 24.2 MP DSLR is a great digital camera to own. I personally have been team Canon for the longest while but I guess I’m just biased due to what I’ve used the most. It evidently is heavier with its constructive makeup so better for home tutorials or beauty and fashion photos ibut for carrying around to various events… it can prove to be a little heavy. I think I need to learn more about the Nikon family and see if I can really be swayed to convert.

Olympus Pen ELP-8
I love this camera firstly for its versatility to carry around and next its aesthetic look. Olympus’ just look awesome on a good flat-lay. That aside there are various photo settings and video options with the ability to easily upload to social media platforms via wifi. It comes with a flip up screen which is great too.

Panasonic Lumix G DC-GX800
This 4K camera ability comes with so many features to make an image look its optimal best. The flip screen is perfect for those scenic selfies and not to mention its wi-fi option to upload images fast and easily. The size is very compact and what I love is the option to change lenses efficiently with its interchangeable lense option.

Iphone 7plus Camera 
Without saying, I will always have a soft spot for my phone for taking top top pictures because as we know, Apple is always improving their quality. With dual rear cameras delivering x2 optical zoom everything is shot in HD! From the day I got asked if the photos produced on my phone was done on a DSLR, I knew the that I could rely on it especially if you have to take photos on the down low, eg vlogging your daily life. There are many editing apps which are worth looking into and imovie is always handy for creating vlog content to be shared.

Canon G7x
If you’ve done your research well, a lot of established vloggers have used this camera with nothing but majorly positive reviews. The size from experience is small, lightweight and perfect for travel vlogging. For those who are vain or just always have to look at the view finder, there is a flip screen which solves all of those ‘I wonder what I look like’ issues. The quality is top spec especially if you are new to using one of these cameras. They take pretty decent pictures also!

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