10 Christmas Gift Guide Options 2017

It’s December!! I cannot believe Christmas 2017 is fast approaching with all the Christmas adverts out, festive songs on the radio and Christmas tree sales in full swing. It is that time of year where Secret Santa gifts are being bought, presents for friends/family and all round spending a lot of money for the sake of the festive spirit. Let us not forget the true and deeper meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. The birth of Jesus in a manger many many years ago and no… none of that sausage roll malarkey.

Below are some gift ideas because sometimes it is just a little challenging thinking of what others may like. Hopefully at least one of these items will inspire you in your run up to Christmas shopping.




I am loving simple minimalist watches which add an underrated statement to outfit styles which are perhaps quite bold. This black and silver watch is a timeless piece… no pun intended seriously. The colour would go with any and everything without clashing.
This new gift set looks amazing, includes some of my favourite shades and comes in miniature sizes meaning they are all too cute! Having a retail price of £80, it is a generously priced gift. If whoever you are buying for loves MAC and you’ve done some research about the tones they like… this is an ideal present.
Everyone knows it is jumper season/sweater season whatever you want to call it so I found this, I was like yaaas! ‘Sleigh all day’ because obviously everyone should promote self positivity AND Christmas festivities!
The Killawatt freestyle highlight duo (3A/3B) looks like gold dust for the cheek bones so those who love to highlight and contour will appreciate. I love how you can add dimension with the two colours from the one compact. This is definitely not for those who want a subtle shine.
For all those explorers out there who love to travel to different destinations, this map is a great gift! I found this very inexpensive on Groupon too. There are even colour coded ones for those who want to define travelling for work or with friends and family. Great for globetrotters to reflect and show the grandkids one day.
If you like ‘sparkling floral’ scents then you will take a liking to Tiffany and Co’s latest eau de parfum. Very simple packaging but contains a very elegantly scented fragrance. Definitely a gift that will live happily in your handbag.
Lover of anything Disney and love to travel? This travel bag is so cute and definitely a must… well in my books it is. Gone are the days of Disney accessories only being for little ones. This is a perfect cabin size. I could not find the exact link to the one shown but a similar one was found instead.
More of a splurge this one but super handy to take anywhere. There are those bags that you cannot use on every occasion but this… you can and therefore a justified splurge on that deserving individual right? Measuring at 5.9 x 8.7 x 3.5 inches shows just how compact it is.
You can’t go wrong buying someone a mug for Christmas. It might be one of those items that they get so much of like slippers or socks but when it comes to a personalised mug… the whole game changes. There are so many patterns and sizes to choose from on the website including some festive additions.
When it comes to Paperchase books, diaries, calendars etc you just cannot have too much of one item. An example; myself having an annual diary, I see a lovely sparkly one half way through the year and instantly know I must buy another. The things one does for intricate detailed paper with fancy writing on it. Notebooks are the same, you cannot have too many and if you think you do at this present time, they will definitely come in handy later.
I hope you found this useful for Christmas shopping ideas and if you have bought all your presents already… high five!

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