Favourite Creams | July 2012


I love body/hand creams and I don’t think you can ever have too many! But what is your best and worst hand cream? That is the question. My ‘go to creams’ this month are below which I thought I would share with you:
001 Avon Skin So Soft – Body Lotion
This is such a moisturising cream that can get rid of any dry skin. It is definitely 100% nourishing on the skin. I have pretty sensitive skin and this has not irritated it in the slightest. It is silky smooth when applied and was around the £2 mark when I bought it. However, this product is no longer sold but there is a replacement called ‘Skin so soft Silky’ moisturiser which is very similar.
002 Monu- Body Cream
This came in one of my glossyboxes and is just AMAZING! The packaging is cute for starters, and the smell is divine. Unfortunately the writing has faded slightly, but that just goes to show, I can’t stop reaching for it. The instructions say to use after showering but I use it all the time. Crazy I know! It is extremely moisturising and great for areas like elbows, knees etc. This is the sample size but for reference purposes the full price size is £23 for 200ml.
003 Simple- purifying cleansing lotion
This is a must when it comes to dehydrated skin. After I cleanse and before makeup, I add a little dollop which goes a long way on my face. I hope you know what I mean by ‘dollop’ haha. I feel confident using this product as it contains  vitamin B and has no harsh chemicals in it. Recently I have been trying out the Simple products to see how they get along with my skin. So far, so good and only for a price of £2.99.
004 Bliss- Blood orange and White pepper body butter
The smell is out of this world, if you like the smell of oranges that is. This vibrant smelling cream is moisturising, which is a definitely a must. It has macadamia oil and grape seed extract that leaves a silky finish to your skin. Not the usual greasy effect lots of creams leave behind. I have nearly finished it and I have to repurchase ASAP.  It retails at £20.50 for a larger size that this (200ml) The lady at the counter at Bliss Debenhams introduced me to the Lemon and sage. But can I convert? I don’t know if i’m ready for that sort of chance yet :S
005 Soap n Glory- Hand Food
After being introduced by a friend to this product, I cannot turn back. I love the smell, I love the texture. If you haven’t tried this, you need it in your life. I got this in a Christmas set from boots which I was truly grateful for.
What are your favourite creams you are using this month?
Thanks for reading