Miss Natural…

This post is going to be about how I achieve my everyday look. It is quite natural and this is the make-up I am currently using. I am still trying to seek out which products work best for me so these may change ever so often but for the time being, I am happy using these.
After my pre make-up prep this is what I do/use:
The MAYBELLINE DREAM SATIN LIQUID : in the shade Caramel, I use this foundation as my base. I pump out a decent amount on my oh so handy palette (the back of my hand). As this is a little lighter than my skin tone , I mix in a little of the MAYBELLINE DREAM MATTE MOUSSE: Cocoa which is darker than my skin tone. My shade is somewhat in-between the two. There is an obvious  difference in consistency so using a face sponge, I blend it up with the help of the heat on my hand to smooth out the texture. I apply this to my face with the sponge evenly.
Next, I apply my MAC POWDER BLUSH: Modern Mandarin to the apples of my cheeks, lightly blending it in. I do this with my AVON: Angled Blush Brush. This shade is not over powering at all and just keeps everything looking natural.
Next I do my eyebrows. Amazingly enough, I have never ever shaped them which make people surprised and myself I must say. I just basically work with what I have. So using the MUA MATTE EYESHADOW:19 which is a dark brown, I apply this to my brows with the AVON: angled eyeliner brush. The dark brown can be as light as you want or as dark as you like. Just a matter of building up the amount you apply.
I then apply a slight winged eyeliner with the STRICTLY COME DANCING: Black Gel Eye Liner using an angled eyeliner brush. After being gifted this gel eyeliner, I absolutely love how it is just so smooth to apply.
I feel I have the shortest eyelashes in the world. Exaggeration maybe, but they are and I am in favour of anything that lengthens them. Apart from the dubious task of using fish smelling paste to glue lashes to my eyes. (I only do this when I have a LOT of time time on my hands). However when I come across a good mascara, I know! I am using this YVES ROCHER: Sexy Pulp mascara that gives ultra volume to my lashes. This came in a previous glossybox and is a sample size, so I feel I need to plan on buying the full sized version soon.
On my lips, I am wearing the LANCOME JUICY TUBE: Lipgloss. The shade is a brown/caramel/orange and is pretty nude against my complexion. It is shimmery, and smells divine. This came in one of my previous glossyboxes.
*If It is very hot I would add powder foundation on top.
*And if my make-up appeared cakey, I would used the ELF: Mist and Set spray which just gives a natural finish minimising the powdery effect.
Above I achieved this everyday look which is my current go to.