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Don’t neglect me…

Hi hi!
Today’s post is about the ever so neglected face. You probably aren’t as bad as me when it comes down to keeping up a great skin care regime, but I’ve decided to make a change! When I say change, I do mean attempt to give it a good go and trial products effectively to see what works best for me.

Let me just give you a low down on my current facial state. I have for as long as I can remember suffered from spots. They come in the most awkward places and go leaving their mark – arhhh! After doing research I realised I get blackheads (which is a form of acne) due to the opening of the follicle being wider than normal so the sebum and dead skin cells have a chemical reaction with the air. Oxidation of melanin occurs and this is what we know as the dark discolouration.
I am trying to find products that 1. agree with my skin,
2. prevent spots
3. reduce the dark spots

Are those too much to ask???

So my hunt began and these are what I got:


CLINIQUE anti-blemish solutions cleansing foam

This is going great so far. The pump is very handy to use. It removes dirt and excess oils off the face, de-clogging the pores completely making my face feel nice and fresh. I reckon I would gain a bigger benefit from this product if I used it AM and PM. Currently I use it PM and my Simple cleanser AM, so a bit of a mix match. After I carry out this routine the skin feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom and appears brighter. I feel I need to use it for a good few months to really see a difference.



CLINIQUE anti-blemish solutions clearing moisturizer

I have been using this daily for about 3 weeks and I find the application is very soft and easy to do. I apply it before makeup and when I do, I feel a minty burning sensation but just for a brief few seconds. I guess this is the ‘soothing formulae’ claimed to prevent future breakouts. I feel that it it is hydrating eliminating any dryness which I love to give my skin before applying make-up.

ORIGINS spot remover

I have tried, tested and would recommend this fully. I know skin types are different so I appreciate this may not work for everyone but OMG, what are samples there for. Basically I was just popped into the shop and say the products and the sample was just watching me. After hearing about the hype, I didn’t know if to buy it straight away and sample it properly without makeup on. My mum just picked it up and started applying it to my spots (about 3 of them) saying “just try it out and see if you like”. The next day, poof! The red, round spots had reduced without much evidence left behind. I got so excited and bought it the next day.

It contains: Salicylic Acid- that instantly speeds healing
                 Anti-spot technology- helps correct post blemish darkening
                 Caffeine- skin calming
                 Red Algae- relieve irritating redness

                 Super Exfoliators-eliminate excess oils and pore-clogging debris

I just dab a little blob on newly risen spots and within 1 to 2 days, the spot has settled back down and/or gone.
The cons would have to be the gel that dries into a shiny, peely surface acting as a protective barrier. This is why I use it only at night. I used this everyday but the size of it is tiny but cute at 10ml, so I need to control my usage.
I love this!
Have you got any skin products you recommend?
Thanks for reading 🙂