#1 Capture December 2012

December is here!!!
Aren’t you excited?! I’ve already opened the first day of my advent calender 😀 I have mixed emotions for the month of December. Firstly I can’t wait for the 25th and the Christmas bloggers party but, my exams are before Christmas… booo! and I want to reverse back time 🙁

Regardless of the excessive revision I should be doing, notice how I say should… I thought I would do a photo-a-day challenge for this month that was put together by Shirley. I plan on sticking to it and if I do, I will deserve a pat on the back because we all know this month can be pretty hectic right?

Here is the challenge, and please feel free to take part! If you do, please share 🙂

1. A Photo of you

Me today shopping for a Christmas Tree. Ended up buying an artificial one haha! – Last longer 🙂


  1. This is such a good idea! You look gorgeous, as ever 🙂



  2. Hi dear, i absolutely adore this and I just published a post with my first captured moment. I couldn't find a jpeg for the list like the one you published, can you tell me how can i get it? thank you

  3. Found it, thank you!

  4. Interesting idea though, hope you will get more and more responses in recent time. The image looks pretty pleasing to the eyes.

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