MSM Secret Santa Challenge #1

Hello Lovelies, hope you’re well.

I was emailed a while back about this fantastic MoneySupermarket’s Secret Santa challenge that was going to take place. If you know me, I love the Christmas period and just loved the idea. I have even done Christmas box swaps with other bloggers which I will tell you about in a future post.
This challenge involved being given £25 to buy a gift/ gifts for another beauty blogger/ fashion blogger/ lifestyle blogger. Quite a decent figure don’t you think?! I aimed to spend the money wisely and put a lot of thought into it. I wasn’t aware until after I accepted the challenge that I was in for a chance of winning an Ipad mini. Now that has been on my Christmas List! haha If you want to know more about the #MSMsecretanta just click here.
Guess who I got???
Just that gorgeous chick of a blogger over at Scared Toast. Tabitha blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle so she’s quite an all rounder. Check her out if you haven’t already… At first I was asking myself, what do I get for her, but after doing my research and reading her blog thoroughly, I created a list. I disciplined myself not to go over my budget, which I am quite pleased about.
I can’t give it away because what fun would there be for Tabitha on Christmas day?? But I will give you a little jist of one present because I’m nice like that. I have incorporated something that represents my blog??? I feel like I am creating an unsolvable riddle here- sorry lol! I guess you’ll just have to wait to see what she gets 🙂 In the mean time, you can see the gifts wrapped up.

Yesterday I finished buying everything for her and packaged it all up. Today I will be sending it off on it’s merry way. Then I will let you all in on what I got. Excitedmuch.com!!!

Have you done a Secret Santa this year?