#7 Capture December 2012

                                       7. Someone you love

My beautiful mother. Mother-daughter bond <3 td="td">
This is the photo-a-day challenge for December. If you want to know more about it and possibly take part, click here.

This picture includes my beloved mother. Who I could write all day about… This is just to capture the mother-daughter bond we have which is so tight, it is unbelievable. She also understands my unhealthy obsession with beauty and fashion and sometimes feeds the addiction but mostly keeps me grounded, which is great in a relationship.

This post reminds me of a story of a girl who lost her mother in a crowd. She told people to look for her mother and when they asked her to describe her mother, she said, “She is the most beautiful mother in the whole wide world!!!” So, everybody searched for pretty and beautiful ladies, but still she said, “No! She is the most beautiful mother in the world!”. Ok, the search was on for quite a while. Then her mother came running towards her, crying her eyes out!. “There you are!” The girl said, “Here she is!” Everyone looked at eachother and came to the realisation that her mother was no where as near pretty as she had explained!! haha

The moral of this funny story, is that everyone’s mother is pretty, special, cool, what ever you want to call it, in their own eyes regardless of their appearance etc.

Do you have any stories similar to this?