No I will not fix your computer- OOTD

Leotard: World of Dance
Cardigan: Primark
Shoes: Converses ASOS
Glasses: ASOS (mens)

I have not done an outfit post on here for quite a while and so I think to end off the year, there should be some memories of what my dress sense was like at this time. After all, this blog is like a log of my fashion & beauty findings and interests.

Who knew I could dance eh? Well this leotard was well and truly used when I did ‘Advanced Musical Theatre’ a few years back. Before blogging, I thought what the use and nearly gave it away to charity. That’s the thing with blogging, it has really taught me to embrace what you used to wear in the past, and make into something you will wear now depending on how you style it to your fancy. 

Next is my Zara skirt which I love and got at a sale price of £19.99 which was just great. I love the slits it has but only wish the underskirt was a little longer. But nothing a DIY can’t handle 😀

My trusty converses are still clean yay! It is so hard to maintain the whiteness of them. Trying to avoid the wet muddy rain, crowded spaces where people may stand on your feet by accident, yep it is working… so far. They just make the outfit quite funky and laid back, if you can ever put those two words in a sentence pahaha!

This Chunky knit cardigan is a keeper. It’s my sort of thing that can be worn with any and everything especially in this current climate. Guess what… it is 3 dress sizes up and fits just how I like it. It is probably the biggest item I own but no shame at all. In high school days, size was a massive issue that was never shared, but as I am older and much wiser, I feel a ‘what is it to you’ attitude plus over-size is really in right now! You can also look for similar ladies knitwear online. 

Oh my fashion glasses was a purchase off the ASOS website (mens) for £3!!! I love the sizing of the frame and it adds that geek chic, which i must ask… Who does not want to be a GEEK right now??

Hope you enjoyed the post and thanks for reading!