Was a gift from someone’s heart- CHRISTMAS PRESENTS

Hi, Hi!
I hope you all had  fantastic Christmas celebrations because I certainly did. Still recovering from your food coma’s?! or hitting the sales?! haha
Today I am going to show you what I kindly received from loved ones around the Christmas period. I remember watching these videos on youtube last year, so interesting to watch especially if you’re a tad nosey… don’t say you are not! Some people really dislike the idea of sharing, but if you don’t like it, jog on. For your own good I think, not in a horrible way. So if you want to see what I got, read on…
Okay so this year I was extremely appreciative of what I got. I think it’s because last year, I added last minute things to my Christmas list that I wanted but did not need or get much use out of. They were expensive and bless my mum for trying to make me happy.
This year I have started blogging about beauty and fashion and told everyone that I would appreciate any beauty or fashion things. I knew I would put products on my blog to review after trialing them so I was quite excited and looking forward to that. So basically my Christmas list was less heavy than last year with practical things I wanted over the year.
So I’m still jibber jabbering on…
I also included some birthday things I got in November – RT brushes + Topshop Lipsticks + Sigma Brush.
Ever so grateful for what I got.
Charmed, Infrared, RT Core + stippling brush, Sigma F88

Snow Fairy, Dream cream, Mac pressed powder, Aromatherapy associates

I missed the Lush sale last year so knew I didn’t want to miss out again. I got one little bottle of Snow Fairy, tried it, and wish I had bought the large bottle. I went back and the large bottles had all sold out! arhh
First time buying something from Aromatherapy Associates so I thought this bath + shower oil would be a good start after being reduced by £6!

Bobbi brown eyeliner is known to be one of the best, so was thrilled my mum got it- review to come soon 🙂
This blush is from a Secret Santa swap I did which is such a gorgeous bright colour.

Other things featured: Soap and glory set, Simple set, Celebrations, Lush box, No.7 facial cleanse set, vanity case + makeup, New look shoes I got in the sales.

This cup is just perfect, my cousin knows me too well. I’d rather be shopping most of the time haha.
These cosmetics were received in a Christmas beauty swap with an Australian blogger which I posted about here. It’s so great to try out products I can’t get here in the UK easily.

Two books I’ve wanted for a while.

So here it is, my Christmas present haul with a few sale items. My mum had bought me gifts from Benefit and Chanel and unfortunately, my sister must have dropped them in the shopping centre as they are nowhere to be seen in the house… SISTERS waahh! but it’s the thought that counts, so I’m really not upset at all. I’m actually surprised my mum found the counters but all that money… must have made someones Christmas special haha. With the presents I would have got, I was booked to get a makeover at Benefit which I still have, so I can’t wait for that!!

 I am waiting on some online orders to arrive, so I will try and post about my sale finds later 🙂

Feel free to share what you got for Christmas 🙂