Review: Chanel Le Vernis- April

This Chanel nail vanish is my first ever Chanel product, excluding the ones I would sneak as a child from my mum’s makeup bag at the age of 10 or so!

This Chanel Le Vernis -April* is originally from the Spring Collection 2012.
This was a Christmas present from my mum which she thought she had lost forever, until I found it in a very secretive hiding place in a kitchen cupboard on the 2nd of January! yay 🙂

The shade is like that of a burnt red colour which I did not think would suit me from watching it in the bottle, but actually looks very nice on the nails. The shine it leaves is so nice and very classy and was extremely fast at drying after application. I’m not one for proper bright colours on my nails, but this is great for an evening dinner and a night of enchantment!

I’ve also decided that this year, I will treat my toes with a little more TLC, so I might paint them this colour tonight!

What do you think about this shade?

Thanks for reading!

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