Review : Sigma Blending and Eyeliner Brushes

E05 | E25
At Christmas time I got my hands on my first Sigma brush (Angled Flat Kabuki F88) and I love it and would probably say it is one of the best brushes I have ever used. I was so happy with the quality and so when I saw Sigma brushes in the #NottsBBmeet bag, I died a little inside. You may not think much of these little travel sized brushes, but boy are they the ones I reach out for most. 
E05- Eyeliner*
I find it essential to do a top eyeliner with every look and so this is great for applying gel eyeliners. Very thin and precise.
I don’t have a proper blending brush so I was very happy to see this. It is great for blending out the heavier colours in your crease giving a softer finish. It can merge different eye shadow colours well with no harsh lines. I love it!

I have used both these brushes non-stop and I really think they work well. I am a little skeptical about the blending brush shedding over time which is probably expected, but so far it is all intact and very durable.

Do you have one of these brushes?

Thanks for reading!