30 Ways to Save £1 | A Student Blogger’s Edition


Being a blogger can make you feel you need to spend spend spend, especially when you hear of great products and clothing that might suit you and you want to try them out yourself. Being a student myself, I understand that saving is extremely important, particularly if you strategically save and treat yourself every so often or maybe even save for the bigger things in life. Your goals maybe are to buy the new Benefit concealer, the limited edition Zara bag, a new car, a house or even save up for your own wedding. You should always remember that every little helps!
With it being the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin on the 21st of April, I am going to list 30 useful tips on saving money. I am no money saving expert, but these are all things I have learnt that help save money. I hope these can come in useful for you, especially with the summer holidays around the corner!
1. Ebay Shopping
Ebay is a great place to find gems that are no longer in the shops and even better, cheaper. But you have to have an eye out for these things. The great thing is that you have control over how much you spend by entering a maximum bid to reduce the chances of over spending.
2. Charity Spotting
Charity shops have a stigma attatched but beyond this, you can buy such good things that people no longer want. Sometimes you might think, “why did they get rid of this!” Just remember to disinfect and wash any garments and then they will be perfect to wear/use. I do find some places like British Heart Foundation can make their prices a little on the high side so just be weary of that. A recent example of some great finds can be found here: She Wears Fashion. As well as receiving  it is always great to de-clutter and give back to charity, this way you can be getting rid of the old and making space for the new.
3. Quality over Quanity
I have come to the conclusion that I buy so much cheap/ reasonably priced things, but they all add up! Ever been to a £1 shop and the total was like £29? Consider whether you would prefer to have something of better quality, even though it will come with a bigger price tag,your repurchase rate may be significantly less. This way it saves you some pennies in the long run. Rachel over at Notes from my Closet has a budget for every month where she only makes investment pieces purchases. It is a very good plan which you can check out here.
4. Samples
I am the most shy when it comes to asking for samples, I feel like I am begging in a way but this is not the case. It is a customers right to trial something before they commit to buying and you will find most brands are okay with this. For example, buying foundation, it is a good idea to get a sample pot to trial out because you may find out you like it or hate it, in that case it saves you £25+. 
5. Sell your Junk- Car boots
It’s car boot season and what better way to spend a Sunday morning, than to get up early at the butt crack of dawn, and head on down to a car boot! I dislike not having my sleep ins but fortnightly will do! Selling your junk, I assure you WILL be someone elses treasure, plus you get cash for it. Always be willing to negotiate as being tight doesn’t get you too far. It’s all part of the fun!! As well as selling, you can buy some great things at car boots, but try a haggle so you get the best offers possible. If you are looking for a nearby carboot check out: carbootjunction.

6. Think Twice before you Buy
Think, think, think!!! “Do you need it?” “Why do you need it?” “When will you use it?” 
These are the questions you need to ask yourself. It’s my weakness as well as many I am sure at buying things I don’t need.  I find that if I dream about a certain item after, I really need to get it. If I forget about them, I was not extremely interested in the first place haha!
7. Spending Limit a Week
It is great to have a spending limit a week, just so that you can prioritize the things you need to spend money on, like transport and food against the other things like, a lipstick or a coat. An idea, is that maybe you keep a log of your spending, and what better way to do this that than to blog about it, like Tabitha over at Scaredtoast.

8. Savers account
Having a savers account is particularly helpful, especially if you find it hard to keep money in your purse for a while. Saver’s accounts restrict your regular withdrawal habits but allow you to easily deposit money for it to accumulation over time. Money Supermarket is a good place to gain advice of which branch may be best for you- here.

9. Sales
Keep your eyes out for seasonal sales as they, in most cases, will have some of your things from your wishlists at a heavily reduced price. This could either be online, or in shops but DON’T forget to use any discount codes they may offer. HandM is great for available codes! ASOS and Feelunique contain so many different brands under one website so bare that in mind.

10. Student Discounts
If you are a student, take full advantage of your student discount rights, you can save lots of £1’s!! Some retail shops don’t accept NUS cards but most do, like Topshop, Miss Selfridge’s etc. A good website that includes all of them is: UNIDAYS. Also, eating places like restaurants and cafes accept them offering discounts of 10% or more. There is also a Student Lock-in that takes place in shopping centres for students where you can save so much and collect freebies. Check it out here.

11. DIY/ Customise
If you are very good with your hands, it is always great to customise your goods. This way, you can adapt to the trend or make your clothes/ accessorises more ‘you’! I love reading DIY posts so if you have any current  ones, link me up!

12. Occasional Beauty Blog Swaps
If you are wanting to try items from abroad and find it difficult to get where you are, blog swaps are most convenient. You decide with another blogger who is interested to do a swap on a price. This way it is like buying a present for a friend but receiving something also in return. This way, you can save a lot of money as some products abroad work out cheaper than here in the UK. I love this fun interaction with blogger’s around the world, although postage can be a bit of a stinger. Here are the swaps I have done in the past:
MSM- Secret Santa Challenge
Secret Santa- Australian Beauty Swap
American Beauty Bugdet Swap

13. Setting Goals
Making a mental note, or jotting down on paper that you want to have £__.__ by a certain date is needed sometimes. This way, it is a reminder to not over spend so you achieve that goal. A holiday maybe or IMATS London 2013!

14. Competitions/ Giveaways = FREE!
Competitions or giveaways are free and worth a go. What do you have to loose. Many can be found on blogs, in magazines, on tv, on twitter etc. Who knows, you might be lucky!!

15. Wantworthy.com – Wishlist
There is no other way to monitor your wishlist spending than to use Wantworthy.com. This website allows you gain full control over your wishlists and once you have bought the items, or changed your mind on something, you just click the ‘X’. When you sign up, you can save an icon “+WANT” in your navigation bar. Now every time you go to an online shop and want something, just click the “+WANT” and it is stored to your wishlist. This can be very useful if used correctly. If you wait until payday, or until the end of the month etc, it restricts your spending until you have enough to buy a particular item/items. My account is:
Send me your links when you make an account 🙂

16. Sell your Junk- Blog sales
Blog sales are a great way of getting rid of makeup/ skincare/ clothes that you simply don’t get much use out of or never touched. Other bloggers are bound to love what you have to offer them. This way, you earn some money via paypal but do remember postage and packaging price can be very scary, so work it out right. Being on the other end, look out for good offers when comparing things to retail price. Some sellers specify that they will take offers, so don’t be too timid to ask.

17. Advantage cards
These come in very useful when points are collected throughout the year. Every little helps, and the points equate to money. By Christmas time, you can treat yourself to whatever you like! These are some places that have advantage cards: Sainsbury’s, Superdrugs, Boots, Waterstones etc

18. o2 Priority moments
If you are on the o2 mobile network, then o2 priority moments offer deals everyday for different things like fashion shops, places to eat, beauty products… you name it. All you need to do, is redeem it by clicking on it and showing the code to the person at the till.

19. Duty Free
You can buy things in duty free with no added tax, so this makes perfumes, sunglasses etc a whole lot cheaper. I always take advantage of this when I go on holiday abroad 🙂

20. Read Reviews
Before buying a product, it is great to read reviews beforehand. It gives you an all round view if you come across the pros and cons about a product, so you can make your own mind up for yourself from what you have read and seen from photos. Simply type what you are interested in on google under the heading ‘blogger’. Easy!

21. Buyapowa
Buyapowa is a website where you encourage more people to come on board through social media and you can get discounted products that are brand new. It all works in your favour. Buyapowa

22. 3 for 2 deals- Need it?
 Shops can really temp customers when they have ‘3 for 2’ or ‘buy 1 get 1 free’, deals. They sneakily just want you to spend more and feel that you need all on offer, when really you may not. Always think if you really want all on offer or just one.

23. Use up what you have
We all have samples, travel sized sachets and bottles just waiting to be used. Try and use them up before buying more and more. Maybe you will then come to realise, after all is used up, which was your favorite and most likely to be repurchased.

24. Back-to-Mac
If you love MAC as much as I do, then you probably have collected lots from the brand already. Back-to-Mac is a scheme where you can return 6 empty bottles or containers and get a free lipstick of your choice in return. Danniella has a great review and tip for doing back-to-Mac here.

25. Blog Advertising
A good way to gain a little cash, is to advertise blogs for a small fee on your blog. This can be done in packages from advertising a small banner to advertising them on social networks. If you don’t feel this is for you, you can also decide to advertise for a friend, whilst they advertise for you, this way you do each other a favour without paying out. Save some £1’s this way!

26. Do it yourself- Nails
If you are not fortunate to have long well groomed nails, it can be quite expensive maintaining them at a salon. Why not buy false nails and apply them yourself. You can find them in any local shops, but I particularly love the Claire’s Accessories or Kiss nails from Boots. Also, I have a UV gel nail set which is a great investment especially if you love getting your nails done. I got mine here.

27. Railcard 16-25
Having a railcard can save you up to 1/3 on all fares. This is very handy for when you travel to meet ups, shopping, events or your day to day travels. This reminds me, I need to buy a new one!

28. Hire your outfit
There are actually places and websites where you can hire outfits. I found the website ‘Girl Meets Dress‘ that hires out designer closes for a certain period of time. I guess this is great if you have a special occasion that you want to go to and can’t afford the full price of a garment, but I prefer to actually own everything I wear. However, this way you can be saving hundreds.

29. Accessorise to modify a look
You can always modify a look by adding different accessories to an outfit, like jewelry and bags etc. I personally don’t wear much/ any jewelry but I rely on watches to do the trick for me. This can really enhance a plain look and you don’t always have to find a new top, or bottoms for an occasion.

30. Use your Talents
There is no other way than to save money using your own strengths and talents. You may be good at making customised phone cases, sewing clothes, creating blog designs, so use this knowledge to earn a little cash on Etsy.

This is my entry for a challenge which any blogger can take part in, which is great! Even better, the winner of the best list will win £1000 and if they receive over 1000 ways to save £1, then the figures get doubled to £2000!

If you would like to take part in sharing you saving tips, check out the Money Supermarket website for further details.

Have you got any useful saving tips?
Thanks for reading!!