Friday’s Face Mask Review #1 | Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask

For this month, I am going to be reviewing face masks every Friday. I have so many, so this is great for me to take that extra care with my skin and sample them out for myself. Many of these have been used previously on various occasions but I do switch up my skincare routine a lot. Let’s do this!
Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask *

 I use my band that came in a No.7 gift set to make sure no stray hairs get in the way.

 I then pump a generous amount and apply the product to my face avoiding the eye area.
I could have put some more on at the time. Leave it on for 30 seconds-2 minutes. Then use a muslin cloth to wipe it off. It should be nice and warm if you use warm water. Use a different area of the clothes to remove the product.
The formula is like a thick clay in texture. It has a herbal scent that is not unbearable at all.This mask is aimed to revitalise dull skin and I do feel it does that. I like the fact that it contains Aloe Vera, witch Hazel as well as some other great ingredients such as sweet almond oil etc. They all help to soothe, moisturise, firm and stimulate the skin. 
For this post I used the mask at night, but can be used to kick start any day. I do find like many face masks that afterwards, all your natural face oils are stripped so I used the cream below.
I used the No.7 Beautiful Skin night cream to keep my skin hydrated after washing off the mask. I have used this cream quite a while now and what I can say, is that it does the job. Nothing too special but as long as you have some sort of moisuriser for after, or even a night time oil, your face will be thankful. I did get this in a gift set at Christmas but sure they are sold separately.
I very much will recommend this mask because it does make my face appear better after every application. Even if you just want a quick ‘pick me up’, this is perfect and you don’t even have to leave it on very long too! I am so glad I received this at the Notts meetup.
It retails at £14.75 and can be found here.
Next week I will be reviewing another face mask for look out for that!!

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