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I love Pizza Express!
When I was asked to experience an exclusive lunchtime trial running from the 5th-29th November, I thought… what an excellent birthday treat! My birthday is this tomorrow you see….
I hit the big 21! arhhh

Anyway, onto the food. There are a few new additions to the normal lunch menu which look exciting and as I experienced yesterday with my guest, taste really good!

The aim is to create smaller lunch-friendly Pizza Express favourites as well as soups and salads. There is bound to be options for everyone.
The menu is very affordable and ranges from £1.95 -£5.95.

What we had:

Romanita- Pollo ad Astra
Perfect lunch-sized pizza with its signature thin base, so nothing too heavy for a lunch date with your colleagues. The thin crispier bases allow the flavour of the chicken, onions and tomato to be succulent. I loved this!
On the menu are the most popular flavour combinations such as Margherita, American, American Hot, Fioentina, Veneziana, La Reine and Padana. (From £4.95-£5.95)
Pasta- Lasagna Classica £4.95
I love my lasagnas and this classic bolognase sauce and mushrooms did not disappoint. I found the side salad was very generous because some places they give you the tiniest bit of lettuce. The portion of the lasagna is half the size of the classic Al Forno dish served in the evenings but very decent indeed.

Salad- Pollo Verdure £5.45
If you fancy a warm chicken salad this is perfect, however if you are a vegetarian there is a Lasgna Verde option. The char-grilled vegetables in a honey and mustard dressing is so juicy! It sits on top of a bed of rocket and spinach and the dish is accompanied by four mini dough sticks.

 Sides- Dough Balls £1.75
You cannot go to Pizza Express without getting some of the famous baked dough balls with garlic butter right?! For the lunch time menu, you get four instead of eight which is pretty good. As much as I wanted more, you don’t want to ruin your appetite for your main.

 Sides-Polenta Chips £2.35

I did not know what to expect with this side dish, all I knew is that it would come in some form of chips… I was not too far off. The rectangular chucks are made from Italian polenta with rosmery, twice baked topped with Gran Moravia cheese. The side dip was a honey mustard dressing which I usually have with salad and did not particularly think it went well with the chips. Nonetheless a unique and different starter which I am glad I tried.
I thoroughly enjoyed this experience, I want to go again again again! 
I recommend you go to a Leeds PE and check the menu out for yourself  as it only running for this month. Fill out a feedback form when you do go and hopefully this will be a permanent thing!
Which dish will you go for?

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