Red Theme | Christmas Party Dresses

RED | Festive Outfit Look

1 | Wine Lace Corset Dress £18.99
2 | Cicily Suede Gold DetailCourt Heels £29.99
3 | Punched Metal Clutch Minaudiere £59.99
4 | Milici Watch £35.00

Christmas day soon and I cannot wait! In the morning I will most likely wear some warm PJ’s to open presents etc but for the evening I always like to dress up.
This dress is a gorgeous wine coloured dress which I came across on the Mary Jane website. So many cheap going out dresses from Mary Jane fashion I just had to hold myself back a little from all the lovely dresses.
This lace number looks great with the gold clutch. I have been loving this classy hand held clutch ever since I laid my eyes on it at the re-opening Manchester launch.
I have finished most of my Christmas preparations apart from all the food shopping which I will finish off today.

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