My January and February Blues are long gone!

January Blues are inevitable straight after Christmas and the sales. Physically, mentally and financially draining times. Back to school, uni or work with a few extra lbs to start the year… fun times.
However, I think my blues have all gone thanks to the lovely people at Fand F. They contacted me with a perfect solution to bidding fear well to feeling down in January and it WORKED!

 A ‘Bloggers Night In Survival Kit’ beautifully packaged was a joy to open. There were goodies for two people so I thought I would treat my sister to a night of pampering to relieve her from her GCSE revision and exams.

There were certainly some yummy treats instore for us as well as pyjamas and slippers for both of us. Chocolates, haribo’s and popcorn was a recipe for a girly night concoction. Times like these made me wish I had a cinema room in my house as we watched films all night.

My favourite out of the whole box had to be the luxurious hot chocolate. I do love hot chocolate a lot and would consider myself as a ‘hot chocolate critic’ if I do say so myself haha. This was ‘thebomb.com’!! So rich and perfect with marshmallows. Of course we also tried the soap and glory face mask. Luckily we had the house to our self so we didn’t frighten a soul with our masked up faces.

– Checked Bottoms Pyjamas
Checked Flannel NightShirt

I do believe a night in, with new pj’s, treats, movies and good company can rid you of any blues you may be feeling. Try it!!

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