OOTD | Black and White Dorothy Perkins Jumpsuit










Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Topshop
Sunglasses: River Island

Jumpsuits have always been something I wanted to wear a lot but never really had the chance to. Or if I did have the chance to, I felt it looked better with a larger derriere. As stupid as my personal opinion may sound, thats how I felt. However gradually becoming more comfortable in my own skin due to eating healthy and maintaining a fitter lifestyle I thought I would take up the challenge to style this particular jumpsuit.

This formal attire was superbly spotted by my mum. Go you mum! Conveniently worn for my 21st birthday back in November. The jumpsuit is made from a silky material. Very sophisticated looking especially with strappy heels. I think you have to choose wisely what shoes you wear with jumpsuits as it makes a huge difference in appearance. I thought strappy heels went perfectly. If you are on the shorter side, heels elongate your legs and if you are tall, you can get away with scandals.

Following previously from when I mentioned my Urban Outfitters sale finds, this triple zipped bag is a beauty. It did come with strap, but I detached it for a clutch on this occasion. I absolutely love the fact I can carry so much around with me in these compartments but finding items is another story!

Little life update: I usually blog about personal style, beauty and lifestyle so I aim to make more of a balance in the future. Lifestyle has been SO interesting to me over the last few months which I regularly update on my instagram @mintyessence. So look out for that!

Also, straight after finishing my final year of uni, I applied for jobs and got offered various ones which I am so blessed to have got. The decision now was… which one should I choose. Should I stay home or move away? I decided to move away… eeek! I can’t believe I have to be a full-blown grown up and conquer the world on my own but it will be fine!!

Hope you are well 🙂


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