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I am a sucker when it comes to burning candles. I stay faithful to my yankee candles but recently discovered how beautifully scented the primark candles are and for £1 each too!

I was sent two multi-wick candles in Waikiki Melon and Wild Passion Fruit. I honestly made the best choices for scents to try out. I love them. Not only do they look insanely bright and beautiful but the scents are very up-lifting especially after a long day at work.

As I personally love sweet scents, this is definitely for me but I know some people prefer subtle fragrances. My favourite out of the two has to be the Waikiki Melon as it has less of a tangy twist that the other. The scented candle shop have a huge range of candles and worth a mooch. They surely make my apartment smell lush.

2-Calender Blocks

These blocks are so cute and really do help to keep you organised and keep a track of what date it is. The heart shape cut out sold me and can hook onto a wall or just be on a table top like how I have it. I change them before I go to bed so I don’t forget to do so in the morning. The Homebase home section has so many homely nick nacks, I wanted to buy all of it.

3-Kilner Jar

I got a pair of these for milkshakes or cold drinks. The jars with the handles look very fancy especially when sipping on the stripey straws that come with it! For £7.99 from Chiltern Mills it was a good little deal. Plus the straws that come with the set are plastic so quite durable compared to the paper ones you can buy.


These super soft throws were around £3 each from Primark reduced from £5 which meant I had to buy two. You can use them for your bed, sofa or just to snuggle up in when it gets cold because they are THAT soft.


I wanted some simple glasses for my kitchen and found these French branded rounded glasses in Makro. Such an amazing store if you have a business or buy in bulk. These are just some of the glasses in the set.

6-Glass Case

Home Bargains is great for one off wonders so I say, as you don’t always see the same things in store everytime you go in. This glass jar looks very expensive and chic on my dressing table which is why I really liked it. At the moment I keep my hairbands in it but I want more! There were smaller ones too which would be perfect for clips.

7-Water Jar

This water jar was part of a house warming gift set from my uncle and cousins which is really for storing water in. However I have some pretty white flowers in it for now.

8- Clear Jars

These were spotted at £1.50 each from Matalan so I had to get them. Very plain but that is exactly what I wanted so I stuck some kilner jar stickers from TKMaxx on them to label their contents. I keep the tea/herbal bags and sugar in these… so organised!!!

9-Oven Mitten

This is perfect for the kitchen as it fits in with the red and beige theme I have going on. My mum did a good job buying me this Next oven mitt with the cutest slogan printed on it “you aint seen muffin yet”. That reminds me, I need to make some muffins!

10- Towels

Primark have the greatest selection of bath, hand, beach and face towels it all sorts of colours. They are so reasonably prices too so I bought some white and dark greys for a contrasted theme in the bathroom.

I enjoyed putting together this lifestyle post and I hope you got some home inspiration from reading this. I find most of my inspiration for household items from pinterest or etsy which I hope to do a wishlist or collage of sometime soon.

Thanks for reading


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