Review: Amida Spa Evening and Alpha H Facial at David Lloyds Farnham




Last month I was invited down to the David Lloyds Amida Spa in Farnham for an Alpha H Facial and Spa experience. As it was the most relaxing birthday present ever!
Not every David Lloyds have a spa so it was great to see what it was like at this selected one. This one is apparently the biggest one around too! In the reception area there was an array of products for sale and a nailer/pedicure corner too.

I was kindly greeted by the staff, given a robe, slippers and shown to the spa area. Once I was changed and ready for my evening of luxury I headed straight to the steam rooms.
I absolutely love steam rooms so to my surprise having a choice of three to go into was AMAZING!

There were saunas with different temperatures and aromas, a spa pool with loungers and even an area full of fine shaven ice. This is great for the whole thermal experience and I was told it is beneficial to put the ice over your nerve points. There was also the option of a cold plunge pool for dipping in-between the heated luxuries. My toes refused so I’m sure my body would 🙂


I was taken to a private treatment room where I really got to relax and unwind from the hassles and buses of life hahaha. I was treated to an Alpha H intensive Brightening Facial* which I thought was the most appropriate skin treatment for my problematic skin. The treatment is £80 or non-members and £76 for members. I have always heard great things about the Alpha H products and how they work superbly for the skin. However I did not just want to hop on the bandwagon for the hype so when I was given the opportunity to try it out, I was very happy.

Alpha-H is an award-winning Australian brand which prides itself on being dedicated to professional skincare. Throughout their range you can find products that soothe, nourish and treat different skin concerns.

This 55 minute treatment is described to be a ‘potent corrective treatment which uses fruit acids, enzymes and antioxidants to restore radiance, elasticity and luminosity to sun damaged and hyper pigmented skin.’ I would say I have a degree of hyper pigmentation due to scarred spots.
The therapist that I had was extremely nice and put me at ease, which is what you want really.
It started with the Micro Cleanse and exfoliation of the skin and then a glycol acid peel. As my skin is sensitive it slightly tingled.
The mask was the weirdest experience as it felt like my face was melting but once it was removed, my face felt extremely refreshed and clean. We had an interesting chat whilst I waited for it to settle and I had a little massage that released every bit of tension down to my arms.
After the mask was removed, I had some intense moisturising oils and creams to replenishes my skin with goodness.


I was given and in depth explanation of the treatment throughout and recommended some purchases after which I brought myself to do. Week! Some as presents too 🙂 I really want to go back next time and try the full Alpha-H body treatment.

Below are some links to where you can buy your own Alpha-H products. I just picked my top 3 picks:
Alpha-H Liquid Gold
Alpha-H Micro Cleanse 
Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser

Thanks Amida Spa for having me 🙂

David Lloyd Farnham
Amida Spa
Monkton Lane

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