Summer’s Flower Bouquet: Bloom and Wild

June has brought all kinds of weather where I live in the UK. Some sunny days and many rainy days. However some of us celebrated British Flower week from 13th-19th June. I embraced it by ordering a lovely bunch from Bloom and Wild for my mother. Here’s what I got her!

I selected ‘The Imogen’ £26* which was packed the next day and sent out for delivery and received in 2 days. Packed carefully by hand with each flower protected with a netting, I was impressed when they arrived! The great thing is that they are packaged in a slender box which can easily fit through the letterbox. No need to wait around for them to be re-delivered.

The selected bouquet consisted of whites, purples and pinks reminiscent to a midsummer night’s sky.


“White Asiatic lilies burst into stars, against the background of midnight purple lisianthus and alstroemeria. Fluffy white clouds of stocks, accompanied by fragrant pistache, enhances these twilight tones.”

What a beautiful description!
I did find the flowers got fuller and bloomed the most the next few days which was when I captured these photos below. They sat in a beautiful vase near the fireplace brightening up the indoor space. So much inspiration was taken on board from looking at the Four Walls website. This has inspired me and Summer is going to see some new hues of colour injected into my living space and definitely more flowers!

I cant wait to order more from this brand and try out the other bouquets they have to offer. I will most likely recommend Bloom and Wild. Did you know you can also add extras to the delivery like biscuits, chocolates mists and candles!!

Bloom and Wild Flowers

Will you be ordering flowers this summer for someone special?

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