Ombre Pastel Nails!

In this blogpost I will show you how I keep up to trend with both ombre and pastels, COMBINED = GeNiUs!
Well ombre basically is the graduated tone of colours. In this example, I’m going to show you how to do this with:
– x3 nail polishes,( Nail Ease-Blush     Avon colour trend- Very violet       Topshop- Awol 104)
 -a cotton bud
-and preferably your nails :p
Firstly, I applied the Bail Ease nail polish in the shade ‘Blush’ over all my nails as a base coat. This light pinky lilac colour is extremely natural and that is the way I like it. If you wish you could layer it up for a more pigmented effect.
Next, I add the ‘Very Violet’ shade of nail polish which has a slightly metallic undertone. This is applied on the upper half of the nail.
Lastly, using the cotton bud, dab a little of the ‘Awol’ blue shade nail polish on it. As we want a blotting effect, excess can be blotted on some paper/tissue. Then start at the tip of the nail and work inwards. The blue should be darker at the tips and gradually get lighter.

You can experiment with all sorts of colours and be as dramatic or subtle as you like. What are your favorite colours to ombre?

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