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My Monthly Wants…


This I gotta try, especially when on the packaging it says it gives airbrushed effects with dual fibre brush. This will be great for blending in my liquid foundation.
Heard so much about this brand and want to give it a go. Why not eh? but I wonder if it is better than the one I am currently using.
 I have been eyeing up ruck sacks for a while and wondering if I prefer the old vintage beaten up look, or the clean look but I came across this leather one and oh my! White is very risky but I love how spacious it looks image wise.
This has a lot of potential and is a key piece to pair with lots of different items of clothing.
5- Jeffrey CampbellAubrey spike black suede
I love wedges and you would know that if you know me well. These are really high but give out the “don’t mess with me” impression with the spikes and all that jazz. Also it is not as blogger famous as the litas but I like these a lot because of it’s uniqueness.
Do you have any of these or would like these to add to your collection? If so, let me know what you think.