Pleasing Pretty Prada…

Ok so firstly, I just wanted my title to rhyme or have a ring to it. Putting that aside, this post is about the 1950’s Baroque styled sunglasses. I know its coming to the end of Summer and I am now looking out my window. It is pouring down with rain mehh! But Summer is not yet over
When I first saw the pair, I thought they stood out, but for all the right reasons.
I love the swirly pattern on the side and how it just tucks into your ear at the back so smoothly. If you asked me a few months back if I liked this style, I’m not too sure what I would have said :s It won’t be everyones cup of tea but, I like it! This has currently been trending and even though I don’t always keep up with the trend, I like the quirkiness of this product. It has also been seen on some celebrities too.
*picture acquired from here
There are different colours to pick from: black, ivory, tortoiseshell, streaked horn etc
If you really aren’t sure if you would like to splurge £215 on Prada Sculpted Acetate Sunglasses, then there are alternatives here. Keep in mind they won’t be the same quality as Prada but they will surely whisk you away into the baroque period as a dupe.
What do you think about this style of sunglasses? What sunglasses are you loving?