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I have never tried any products from ‘Bare Minerals’ so was excited to try this eye shadow. Conveniently I got this in one of my  Glossybox’s. Although I was given half the size at 1g instead of 2g at RRP £7, the pot is really cute anyway.
The shade I was given, ‘Her Majesty’ was the best choice ever! I am really into natural/nude colours at the moment so this pinky/goldy shade was perfect. With my skin completion it goes well and with lighter tones also if you are looking for a subtle daily look. The glitter in it looks great when it catches the light too. The only down side is that as it is a loose powder, it can get pretty messy so you can’t sneeze anywhere near it! Haha
But as it is such a cute size, it doesn’t take much space up in the make-up bag. I also find it best to use my little finger to apply it instead of using a brush.
Have you tried Bare Minerals Beauty products? If so which is your favourite?


  1. The color is so pretty!!!!
    A's Fashion Files

  2. I know right. My fave colour too:)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I really like your blog so I have tagged you for the Liebster Award

  4. Aww thank you!


  5. Nice beauty point you have taken to discuss here. Thank you,
    Regards, Bare minerals

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