Mid Week Break Away…

This week, I spent it in the south of England in Dorset. So beautiful. The weather was great for the majority of the week but just couldn’t hold up without rain for the weekend, but thats ok.
I went with my family and we tried to visit and do as much as we could when the weather was Bliss.
We got a ferry over to the Isle of wight and visited Sandown, Ryde, Cowes and Newport. Last year I went but visited the other places I missed out this year. I absolutely loved seeing the sea, so peaceful and full of calmness. 
 Back in the South, we went to Sandbanks and swam in the sea. It is known to be one of the best beaches in England and really is beautiful. It is completely filled with golden sand and non of that pebbled beach nonsense. The scenery was divine and so many massive houses along the coast. I have big plans for the future, not to mention owning a Yacht called the Mintyessence – My dad thinks I’m mad.

On the way back up north, we popped into the Red Hot Buffet in Nottingham, which I could not say no 🙂 Now its back to hustle and bustle of life. Boo!

Here are some pictures of what I wore throughout the week and the scenes I captured:

I had a fun time down south, never disappoints 🙂