Black ‘n’ White Flatforms…

If you know me, you would know I prefer comfort over style. But why not merge the two. 
Flatforms are amazing especially as there are all types for different events occasions etc.
I hate wearing high heels because I always seem to be the tallest of the bunch, so I find flatforms give me a nice height that doesn’t make me stick out like a girraffe. But I must say, I do love wearing heels occasionally for short periods of time. Another plus is that if I were to run for a bus, I could, so thats handy.
Here are the flatforms I have and love the most right now. They are all different and have their own characteristics. 

These flats are from H&M and are my favourite day-to-day shoes. I am currently on holiday in the South of England and just find these flats extremely comfy to wear for long walks, which is fantastic. Initially I bought the higher wedges but replaced them with these beauties as I had been on a look out for ‘thee‘ wedges. Found them!

These plimsoles are from River Island look great on the feet. Disappointed they aren’t comfy at all, but I think it is just the cut of the shoe near the toe area. They give a great height but are easy enough to walk in. Also white is amazing when clean and expensive looking but when dirty, it can look a bit trampy- don’t you think?

These flatforms are just the cutest. Not exactly flat as they do have a higher instep than the others on this blog but fell in love with the wicker woven detail on the wedge heel. Also the contrasting colours of the brown and the white is very flattering.

These creepers I absolutely love. At first seeing these on blogs and in shoe shops I asked my self ‘Do I really like these?’ My answer was ‘???’ I really did not know, but the more and more I saw them, I wanted them so badly. Seriously. I wouldn’t stop talking about them and my mum got a little fed up with my obsession because I felt I could style them to my personal preference. I bought these in Schuh and are slightly different to the underground ones as they are Bronx and have a jagged sole as opposed to the completely flat soles. I like this difference. And black suede matches everything!

These black wedges are also from River Island and are similar to the white ones above. However these are more plain and I believe a newer edition. If you have not guessed already, I am a shoes addict. I saw these shoes and just thought I needed them in my life as they will come handy someday. Personally I think they are not really comfy to walk in as they have a hard sole. Maybe it just needs breaking in around the house first. Also I heard a common problem of these strap shoes is that they detatched themselves from the atual shoe so I weary of that. But apart from that, I like.
Later I will show how I personally would style these shoes with different outfits- should be fun.
What do you think about flatforms?


  1. I wish I would have bought those H&M black flatforms before they sold out in my local one 🙁 xx


  2. Where did you get the white and wicker ones? I love them! Hope to buy

  3. River Island 🙂

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