My belly is full!! -OOTD

Dress + Jacket: My Grandma bought it 🙂
Shoes: Primark
Watch: River Island
Belt: Primark

Hey guys!

Today has been lovely, so I enjoyed the sunshine. I listened to some gospel tunes and just relaxed. Yesterday was slightly  hectic preparing food for today as we had some guests around. The results of the hard work I put in were rewarding to say the least. West Indian roti, rice, samosas, chicken were amongst some other stuff. So I am extremely grateful for having friends and family time. And you do know you had a great time when your belly is full. Zumba tonight! I don’t have pictures of  what I ate because I obviously just stuck right in there 😮

The outfit I’m wearing has been hung in my wardrobe for ever. Well realistically around 4 years- I think… It was bought for me by my grandmother but at that time it didn’t fit. So sad. Now it fits me a lot better and also I feel that it is time to be worn. The whole London Fashion Week is inspiring me to try all sorts of syles. I have been searching for dresses that fall just below the knee and this is the only one I have so far, so I love it. It comes with it’s own jacket which is great as I don’t particularly love my arms. The only thing that annoys me, is that glitter is an evident trail of where I have been. The little glitter detailing is very pretty, but sheds a lot- I feel like a fairy! I used a belt to synch in the waist adding a little modern feel with the chained effects.

The shoes were such a cheap steal from Primark. Let me have you know, I did pay for them and not steal them, but at £6… that was certainly a win. I had to get a size down, which felt amazing because I have always considered myself to have big feet being a UK size 7. I love the patent finish and the darkish nude/ caramel colour.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Have you come across any great bargains recently?