L’oreal Super Liner- Ultra Precision [review]


This post is going to be a review with my own individual opinions. Hope you find it useful or just a good little read.

So not too long ago I stopped using liquid eyeliner due to having a bad experience with it. It was an Avon brand so I seomtimes avoid some of their eye products like eyeliners and mascaras. Mind you, their colour trend mascara is not bad at all. I am however willing to try other brands and compare. It could be the fact that it was hay-fever season, but I know after suffering from conjunctivitis, I was not going near those same products again. I came to a conclusion maybe higher end eye makeup is best for me as I got similar reactions to cheap makeup. I’m not sure if that theory is entirely true though.

Months later I have made a decision to go out and find something that works. At the moment I rely on gel eyeliners and feel the need for a liquid one to add to my makeup collection. I bought this L’oreal Super Liner Ultra Precision in Superdrug and they were having a fantastic buy 3 for 2 L’oreal products. I bought a bb cream for my mum and a gel eyeliner that I will put up in a future post.

When I applied it, the line was nice and thin with the help of the spongy-tipped pen. I blink a lot when applying eyeliner, and mascaras maybe because I am so darn shaky or don’t trust myself lol. But funnily enough, this just glided on well. Maybe because the top of it is quite long so my grip was firm. The liquid also dries without smudging which is awesome because I really hate it when you blink and it has transferred to your upper lids- annoying! After using this a few times, it has not agitated my eyes one bit, so this is a keeper 🙂

The price is very affordable too, so a great buy if in need of a good liquid eyeliner. I am weary about how long it will last though, just because it is quite compact but that is just being a bit picky.

If you have this eyeliner, what do you think about it? Do you recommend any others?
Thanks for reading!