This week Thursday 11th October 2012 was the launch of the ever so popular Topshop/ Topman in Leeds. Having three floors of amazingness! It is now known to be one of the biggest in the UK, so that puts Leeds in a good position on the shopping rector scale right? I had a long day at placement but was determined to see the place for myself. From 5-7pm Pixie Geldof was on the decks doing her thaaaang with the DJ set. The store was completely packed of people amazed by the size and all the great clothes, shoes accessories etc. Complementary makeup was being done at different stations, a lovely atmosphere.

I was on the hunt for a specific dress but they didn’t have it in! Booo! but that didn’t dampen my spirits. Down stairs where the shoes were was just like, I would say heaven but, I actually don’t think heaven would look like that lol. But I want a shoe storage like that in my house. So nice and pretty to watch.  I have my eyes on a few things that caught my attention this week so here is my Topshop wishlist:

1 LIPSTICK in Fawn
2 ACCENT Stud Cut Out Boots
3 Woodland Horse Holdall
STUNNER Leather Buckle Heels 

There is also a photo-booth on the ground floor which is free and quite fun. The queue was short and me and my friends were regulars haha. I even went back the next day with my mum!!

Overall the shop was amazing and you should really check it out if you are in the area. Oh also the workers look stunning. A few were wearing items I saw and instantly fell in love with in the store. Tempting times.

What are you loving right now from Topshop?