Beanie Babe!

Tops: Primark
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Hat: Ebay
Shoes (converse) : Office

Hey! Hope you are well. I’ve just been trying to relax as this week has been non stop. I did do some retail therapy recently and to be honest with you that did release some tension- very therapeutic hence the title 🙂 It has been chilly so I would not leave the house without a jacket, just so you know. Maybe a haul to feature pretty soon me thinks.

  Beanie hats have become a thing that is very handy and on trend. On twitter someone mentioned that ladies only wear them when faced with the dilemma of a bad hair day. This partly is true, but so what!? If it makes you feel better… warm head… fashionable… it doesn’t really matter. However it might just be a planned accessory to the outfit. 

 This is my first slouchy beanie and admittedly  I have to tweak it to how I like it best. Sometimes it flops,  sometimes too pointy at the top lol  I am fussy, but I like it when its right. But the question is, can a hat ever be right? 

   These converses are from way back when and unfortunately I fell out of love especially when the tips of them got dirty 🙁 Only now have I brought them back out to play. Apparently converses are the only shoes that seem better the older and more worn they are. The top normally flows down but I wanted a change and so used two small bobbles to tie at each side.

I hope you are having a great weekend. 

Thanks for reading 🙂