Review: Halloween Radiation Contacts


Hey guys!
Halloween is just around the corner as I was pleasantly reminded by the pumpkins and sweets in Sainsbury’s the other day. I can’t say I go all out and celebrate it to the max as it is a spooky time, don’t you think? However, I love the fact that kids look forward to this time of year, dressing up in all sorts and aiming to fill their cauldrons with sweets. When you ask the question “Trick or Treat”, are you really expecting a trick?… Just wondered. I love to buy a pumpkin, carve a funny face and pop a candle in it, but all just harmless fun.
There is a dark side to Halloween, devilish themes, witchcraft, death are all associated with it and some people take it too far. Especially nuisances known to egg houses and cars around that time- I’m not having any of that!
I was recently contacted to try out some Halloween contacts from Vision Direct and I jumped at the chance. Mainly because I have always wanted to try coloured contacts and found my prescripted clear ones boring. I requested to try out the ‘Radiate’ contacts because they are quite different and relate to my Uni course so much as I study Diagnostic Radiography. Nerdy choice of contacts… I know but so cool. Here are the contents of the *Phantasee- Radiate contacts:

~The contents~


~Contacts in!~


This set comes with the contacts each in its own jar of solution. It also comes with a 90ml bottle of solution which cleans, disinfects and removes protein.  It can last for a whole year which is great if you have fancy dress parties you want to go to throughout the year. Or you could even just wear it to surprise your friends! There is also a container for storing them when not in use.
  If you have never used contact lenses before, don’t fear! There are some clear instructions of how to apply them. In six other languages too!
I think these are very cool. I thought maybe because I have dark brown eyes the yellow would not show up much, but they did so I was very pleased. Ever so often the lenses would shift around which was annoying but I guess its normal. Hence why in the pictures they are not symmetrical. I think the quality of the lenses seem pretty strong and durable so would highly recommend. The bottle solution can be purchased in addition which will keep you well equipped for easy multi-use which is just great! To check out out the multi-use range click here


This is the outfit I chose to wear keeping a yellow and black theme. Radiation can be very harmful so I tried to portray this in these pictures. Also Seymour will feature in one of my pictures. LOL He’s my study companion and I thought it would be appropriate to bring him in for a Halloween post.
hsAEx_ on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Top: Ethel Austin
Shawl: Next
Skirt: Warehouse
Tights: International
Hat: Claires Accessories
So for Halloween are you going to dress up? Why not try out a pair of wacky eye contact lenses. There are so many different types on the website so check it out. I really want to try out some cat/snake eyes next or a hazel brown colour.
Thanks for reading!