#25 Capture December 2012

                                                                 25. Family

This is the photo-a-day challenge for December. If you want to know more about it and possibly take part, click here.

I’m guessing you and your family are chilling out on the sofa watching Christmas specials now! I am 🙂 This post is about family and so I was surrounded by lots today. Family members that I have not seen for ages and new people I have never met.

Your probably confused by the birthday cake, but today was my brothers birthday also, so kind of a double celebration in out household today. Sweet Sixteen! It brings back memories of when I turned sixteen. I had a limo and went o eat at a Chinese restaurant… memories 😀

Family time is really important, whether it is small or large. We shouldn’t wait until a funeral for us to have regrets of saying we ‘love’ them or how much we appreciated their company. Children carry memories throughout their lives of what it was like on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and this should be a good memories that is cherished forever.

Merry Christmas!!!
Sales shopping tomorrow, yey!!