MSM Secret Santa Challenge #2

So, if you can remember, earlier I posted about the #MSMSecretsanta I took part in. Well now is for the second part… Yippee.

The unwrapping of the presents was just a happy momment especially knowing someone far away, but within the UK is opening what I got them… at a similar time CHRISTMAS DAY. Exciting stuff 😀

I did the swap with Tabitha, and this is what I got from her:

 Here are the things I got:

– Natural Collection Nail Polish – Hibiscus
– Topshop Blush-Prime Time
– Vanilla Creme Brulee Shower & bath gel
– Vanilla Creme Brulee body cream
– Books x3 [One minute to midnight- Amy Silver]
                       [One true thing- Anna Quindlen]
                       [It started with a kiss- Miranda Dickinson]
– Paperchase notebook
– Handmade bracelet

These were great gifts and I really love that Tabitha gathered I love pink from my blog. She was so right when she said every blogger necessity is a notebook and paperchase has great designs. I love to see people’s creativity shine through in what they do, and having a hand-made bracelet was just perfect for the finishing touches. The vanilla bath and body products smell beautiful and remind me of philosophy so much. I love eating creme brulee so how can I not like the cream!? I must admit, I don’t read a lot of books, and if I do, I am so picky about the font, how the front page looks as well as the blurb… I love the selection especially the ‘One minute to midnight’ and the  pink edges of ‘It started with a kiss’… haha
Thanks again Tabitha for the presents and the though put into everything. Can’t believe this was all within the budget, well done 🙂 A lovely experience doing the #MSMSecretsanta challenge with you. If you want to know more about this challenge, just click here.

And if you want to see what I got Tabitha, just click here.

Hope you are enjoying Christmas and had a lovely day! 🙂